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    Trust The Magic Of New Beginnings

    After basically dropping off the face of the earth with this blog at the end of last year I’m happy to say that Glam Glitz Gloss is making a comeback, and with a brand new look to boot. I spent the end of the year focusing on really getting into the flow of The Live Review, an Events and Entertainment in London blog that I recently took over. It’s a world away from what I’m used to so it needed my full attention so I could work out the best way to move forward, and as with all new ventures I have to admit that the initial excitement and thrill of it took a hold. Read more

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    Where Have You Been Girl?

    Happy October everyone, does anyone else feel like this year has just flown past. Over the past few months I’ve…

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    The Summer Tag

    As the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence and it finally feels like summer is well…

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    To Kiss Or Not To Kiss

    First dates for the majority of people are a minefield of pressurised moments from the decisions before the date has…