29/ 11/ 2018

Testing iPhone XS with Three Mobile on London Street Art

We live in a world now where mobile phones are most of our lifelines and as such we expect a lot from the companies that produce them. Every year people wait impatiently for the latest spec upgrades from Samsung, Google, Huawei and of course Apple. People will happily queue for hours around the world wanting to be one of the first to get their hands on the new handset… And praying they won’t be that guy who dropped it within a minute of leaving the iPhone store.Read more »

16/ 11/ 2018

Design Your Own Platinum Perfume Experience for Two with Buyagift

If you are struggling with what to buy someone for Christmas this year or would like to treat yourself to a nice day out, I would highly recommend buying a Buyagift Experience Day. Not only do they have a huge range of experiences, but you can exchange to another option for free if it’s not your cup of tea. Buyagift are the UK’s leading Gift Experience provider and after having Afternoon Tea with them earlier in the year they very kindly invited me to book myself onto the Design Your Own Platinum Perfume Experience for Two and it arrived in the post just a few days later.Read more »

14/ 11/ 2018

How to Effectively Run a Two-Person Blog from Bestie Talks

Running a two-person blog can seem complicated. But, if you find the perfect person to pair up with, it can be a wonderful and exciting journey! There are lots of key components that need to be addressed when you’re running a blog with someone else. This article will outline the key steps and strategies to making a two-person blog run smoothly!Read more »

02/ 11/ 2018

Autumn Days Out from Ruth of MelaninTalks

First of all I’d like to say thank you to Tanya (glamglitzgloss.co.uk) for giving me the opportunity to feature on her blog as a guest. I like nothing more than working with other bloggers on a collaboration and getting to network further. On today’s post I will be giving you a list of things that you can do during Autumn/Winter, instead of keeping yourself all cooped up inside, as I know how tempting it is to stay inside where its warm and your cup of hot chocolate only being within an arm’s reach.Read more »

31/ 10/ 2018

Top Meal Planning Tips from Latoyah of Sugar Pink Food

Sometimes life can get in the way of cooking fresh and healthy meals every night. I often found that once I got home from a day at work my brain could barely think of what I want for tea and would often end up cooking something in the microwave. A few years ago when I stated Slimming World, I found the key to success was in the preparation and planning, and this is where my meal planning passion came in.I have shared lots of meal plans and meal prepping ideas on my blog and have even made a post about prepping your whole month of meals up in advance. It can save so much time and money to just simply plan your meals ahead, and here I share my top tips to make meal planning easier!Read more »

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