Glam Glitz Gloss is written by Tanya, a 30 year old living in London.

What began as a simple beauty blog has expanded over the years and has become a place for me to bring you along on my adventures in the world of Beauty, Lifestyle, Food and Travel.

A place where I have gone from being a make up novice to having perfected the smoky eye look, where I have gone from being the KFC lover to reviewing the food of a Michelin trained chef and so much more. This is my space on the internet where I get to write about what I love, what I’ve lived and look back over the transformation of myself.

My favourite place to go on holiday is Magaluf but my dream destination is Nassau, in specific The Atlantis Hotel (which in 2017 I did get to visit on a day trip during a cruise of The Bahamas). I love travelling, be that around the UK or abroad, and went on my first solo trip in December 2018 to Malta.

My family and friends mean the world to me and I adore a glass of Prosecco. My favourite make up and skincare brands are Urban Decay and Iconic London, and I am still to this day am obsessed with all things glitter.

The 90s child in me will never get over the break up of S Club 7 but I did get to go to the reunion tour and so in their honour I will continue to ‘Reach For The Stars’ and climb every mountain higher.

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