12/ 06/ 2018

Gradz Bakery Bread

What would you do if you found a treasure trove of family recipes hand-written by your Great Grandfather? When this happened to Agnes Gabriel she was inspired with Romuald Damaz to establish the GRADZ Bakery (Gabriel Romuald Agnes DamaZ) snd share their tradition of continental-style baking with Britain. By adding their own knowledge the Gradz master bakers have developed traditional bread with today’s taste and health benefits. As a massive foodie when I was contacted by Gradz to try some of their bread I was very excited and couldn’t say yes quickly enough.

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07/ 06/ 2018

Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

If you struggle with confidence then you will know how hard certain things can be. You may find it hard to go out with your friends and you may also find it really hard to feel good about yourself as well. If you want to avoid all of this then one thing that you can do is focus on yourself, while also taking the time to work on your image.Read more »

06/ 06/ 2018

Should Indonesia Be On Your Bucket List? Let’s Explore

Would you say that Indonesia is on your bucket list, I would guess that in some cases it probably would be, and why not. After all, there really are some stunning destinations, fantastic places to experience and it could probably offer some of the best memories you could make. But while it may be on your bucket list do you really know the places you may want to see and the things you may want to do while you are there.

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05/ 06/ 2018

Vlogging Session with Three Discovery

I recently attended a Vlogging Session with Three at their Discovery Store in Islington. Three are committed to helping their customers develop their technology skills and as such created the Discovery Centres where they hold free sessions throughout the year in a range of topics including Online Basics, Kids Coding Club, Podcasting, Blogging and more.

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02/ 06/ 2018

Why You Should Choose A Villa For This Year’s Vacation

It’s that time of year where everyone is booking up their summer vacations, but there’s one question on everyone’s minds – what kind of accommodation to stay in? You can choose from apartments, hotels, villas, tents, teepees, caravans, and many more too. You do of course, have to choose the right accommodation to suit what kind of holiday you’re after and any needs you may have, but in this article, I’m going to give you reasons why you should choose a villa for this year’s vacation.Read more »

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