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After basically dropping off the face of the earth with this blog at the end of last year I’m happy to say that Glam Glitz Gloss is making a comeback, and with a brand new look to boot. I spent the end of the year focusing on really getting into the flow of The Live Review, an Events and Entertainment in London blog that I recently took over. It’s a world away from what I’m used to so it needed my full attention so I could work out the best way to move forward, and as with all new ventures I have to admit that the initial excitement and thrill of it took a hold.

I’m sure your timelines are currently filled with posts on yearly round ups or goals and resolutions that we are hoping to accomplish and stick to throughout the year ahead. This post is not going to be much different to those I’m afraid, although it will only be a round up of October to December as I already done posts throughout the year starting with a breakdown of January to March, followed up with April to June, and finally July to September.

So let’s go back in time to the start of October when I went to the Strut Summit, run by Zoe McNulty, it’s an epic day of dance and empowerment, and encourages you to love your body regardless of shape and size. Zoe is a UK size 16 dance instructor and body positivity activist who teaches you how to carry yourself, how to project confidence and how to learn to love what your mamma gave ya! I wish I had more time for her classes and if I was to ever go full time in blogging I would actually love to train up as one of her Strut instructors on the size as I love the classes so much, and this time round I got asked to go on stage to run through part of a routine whilst Zoe helped those towards the back of the room.

My Aunt took me to Amsterdam for a long weekend as a late 30th birthday present (if you missed me dressed as Ariel make sure to have a read of the August round up) and we stayed in the cutest little apartment. We spent the days wandering the cute little cobblestone streets, hitting up the museums, taking canal rides and went to the Ice Bar. I also went to Brighton in October, not as exciting as Amsterdam you may think, but when it’s for Halloween celebrations then it really is. Halloween is my favourite time of year aside from the obvious Birthday and Christmas celebrations, and I love going all out on make up or an outfit. This year I went as a broken doll and Ameera went as a skeleton and we had our make up professionally done.

With The Live Review I got to see new musical Mythic, which I would highly recommend as it was a really good story, the songs were so catchy, the actors put on a really good performance and I literally text WHAT A SHOW as soon as I left the theatre. I took Abi to see Symphonic Pop at the Royal Albert Hall, which is such a stunning venue, and we saw the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform classics like Stop by Spice Girls, It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls and The Jackson’s Blame It On The Boogie.

I took Ameera to Oktoberfest, which she is a seasoned pro at, and we went straight on to Festival Of The Dead after so ended up as dead beer girls between our Oktoberfest outfits and Festival make up. After going to the National History Museum out of hours to see a preview of their show The Wider Earth, Kelly and I finally got to see the final production and the set and effects were out of this world.

Moving onto November, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of Halloween just yet as I had booked tickets to Spookaoke but it was on the same evening as Asda’s Christmas Party so it was an outfit stuffed in the bag for later kind of moment. I went to Illuminate Skincare’s event and arranged to meet two bloggers beforehand, Hannah and Ellie, who were both incredibly lovely and we’ve already met up again since. I went for a (very) boozy lunch at Shuffle London with Lauren, Jenny, Justine and Emily, and Ameera and I stayed in Hammersmith over a weekend as we’d booked tickets to see Sarah Millican’s new tour.

With my sister going off to uni in September she performed in her last dance show with her weekend Dance School so I went with my Mum, Stepdad and her boyfriend to watch her and then took her for a celebratory meal at Miller and Carter and feasted on scallops and steak, the dream combo! I took my Mum along with me to Buyagift’s Perfume Experience where Glam Glitz Gloss the perfume became a reality and my Mum made a perfume called Sam Ee (her name is Sam but everyone calls her Sammy, get it!). I also took her to see Culture Club at Wembley Arena, with The Live Review, which was actually the first ever concert she went to and was even at the same venue.

I went on another Photowalk with Three Mobile, this time testing out the new iPhone XS which I’m very likely to get when my upgrade comes around in November. Abi took me to the Adexe Christmas Party as her plus one, where she got a new tattoo, and also to the Vuelio Blog Awards where we got all dressed up and had a lovely meal whilst the winners received their awards.  With The Live Review I was able to take Abi with me to see Magic Mike Live at Hippodrome Casino, and I took Ameera to see The Snowman and Dick Whittington, which really got us into the Christmas spirit. I saw a number of plays throughout November and I also got to work with South Place Hotel again, this time for their White Christmas Moet event.

And finally we come to December, I said it wouldn’t be as long as a yearly round up but I never said it would be a short post, and it started with a catch up with my friend Aaron at Last Nights Of Havana at Tobacco Docks where we got in the Cuban spirit. I also saw my friend Alison, who I hadn’t seen in around 18 months, and we went for a catch up dinner and to see Striking 12, a play taking inspiration from Hans Christen Anderson’s The Little Match Girl.

I had my work’s Christmas party early in the month and the very next morning I had to get up at 5am to leave for the airport as I was going on my first solo holiday to Malta, as you can imagine I felt very fragile at the airport. I had a lovely four days in Malta and I came home feeling so relaxed and knew that I needed to take better care of myself in the new year, making sure to have sufficient me time, and to not work myself into the ground. I caught up with Charli at the Gingerbread Bake Off event and we went to see a hilarious production of Cinderella, held in a pub in Kings Cross with a full on karaoke after party we had the best night.

I went to see a lovely family friendly production of Hansel and Gretel in Kingston, with the most incredible interactive set, and I got to try out a new bar in London, Fam Bar, with family at its heart that I would definitely recommend. Especially Zoe’s Queso cheese dip and nachos, which I basically ate my body weight of. The final event of the year was The Greatest Showman, an interactive dining experience, who run the Journey To The Underworld event that I loved so much earlier in the year.

Outside of blogging life I went for dinner for my friend Sarah’s birthday, and got to catch up with all the girls and cheers her birthday and wish everyone a Happy Christmas. Christmas and New Years was a quiet affair, where I only ventured out of the house on Christmas Eve to go and see my Grandad which is our family tradition. My Aunt and Uncle, that live in Germany, flew over for Christmas dinner and we had some VERY competitive gaming, before I was left home alone with my sister going to her boyfriends from Boxing Day to early Jan and my Mum going on a cruise.

For the first year I spent New Years Eve indoors, but not alone as Ameera and Abi came to me and we ordered pizza and had some prosecco to cheers in the New Year. Well Coke Zero in Abi’s case, what with her alcohol allergy. After a pretty rough and heartbreaking 2017 it felt amazing to end 2018 in such a happy place and I love writing these posts and reminiscing over old memories. I understand that some people will avoid round up posts as they are not in the best place but I can assure that whilst right now you are not having the best start to the year it really goes get better, I’m proof of that. I was so broken and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but surrounded by my amazing friends and family and working towards goals that I knew would make me happy in the end has made such a difference. I hope everyone has an amazing 2019!

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