02, 08, 2018

Things End But Memories Last Forever

In April I updated you all on how my year had been going so far and I had planned to do this every three months but I was clearly enjoying myself too much that my update on April to June is only just going up. Here’s a chance for you to have a nose into my life recently and somewhere I can look back on and think fondly of the exciting memories I made.

So casting my mind back to April I started the month at a Brand Building session with Anna Hart from One Roof Social where collaborations, when to go full time and social influencers was discussed. This year I’ve put more time and effort into my blogger than ever before, although it has slipped lately due to life just being so busy, and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for my blog and I hope to go full time with it in the not so distant future.

In April I was invited by the dating app Bumble to attend their Chez Moi event where you get to have dinner at the house of a chef and I had a gorgeous meal at Nina Parker’s house with a dozen other invitees and it was a really lovely evening. It seemed to be a London filled event month as I had my first exciting collaboration with Three Mobile where I got to test out the iPhone X and Samsung S9 Plus on a Photowalk around London, and I went on an Open Top Sightseeing Tour with Megabus.

Away from the blog I went to The Comedy Store with Abi where we saw a comedy marathon called Off The Kerb. On various Mondays throughout the year The Comedy Store host charity nights where they have a mix of top well known and smaller comedians performing small 15-20 minutes sets and I love attending them. I always find a new comic to follow and the tickets are never that much money. Finally I ended April with a trip to Newcastle for my friend Danielle’s 30th birthday and it was amazing to see her as it’s been 5 years since I last went up, and it was when I was a bridesmaid at her wedding.

May was an exciting month as I replied to a tweet from Aaron at The Live Review asking for a blogger that was free to cover an event he had a set of tickets to. I attended SFG Roof East on his behalf with Charli and my piece was published on his site soon after. Since then I have been lucky enough to cover a number of London events for The Live Review and have another one coming up this month.

I had my second collaboration with Three when I attended their Vlogging Session in collaboration with their new Discovery Centre expansion that now offers customers technological courses. I was invited to attend the International Cheese Awards Press Preview where I met a number of the brands who were in the running for awards, and I was amazed when I was asked to send my details over to be a judge for the main event.

As a late Mothers Day present I took my Mum and sister to Patisserie Valerie for Afternoon Tea and we also went for a gorgeous meal at Miller and Carter Steakhouse for my stepdads birthday. I finished off the month with one of my favourite collaborations of the year, attending Creamfields Bank Holiday Festival in London on behalf of The Live Review.

June was a crazy busy month from me, starting with a weekend at the Hilton Excel with Molly who had come to stay for Scarlett‘s Blogcon event. The power went to my head at Scarlett’s event when Char and I were put on the entry table with the guest list, and then we got to meet a number of great brands as well as watch some panel talks that featured some of my friends. I finished the weekend with Molly attending a Silent Disco at The Underbelly, again for The Live Review.

The following weekend I attended the Blogosphere Magazine Awards with Abi and Charli and whilst we got an amazing goodie bag I was sadly a little disappointed by the actual event itself. The great thing about the event though that was by chance I ended up sat across from my friend Scarlett and I got to have a mini catch up with the girls from SmoothSkin and The Princes Trust.

I went for a boozy dinner at Pescatori with Char, and despite having the waitress knock a bottle of water over me and my bag we had a lovely time and got perfectly tipsy together. During the night we actually realised we were both invited to the same event two days later, an Art Deco Tour of London followed by Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester.

I finished off the month with a restaurant review at Pho & Bun with Abi and a trip to the Sky Garden with Aaron from The Live Review. Another great three months and I’m sure the next update will be filled with another batch of exciting opps, great catch ups with friends and the birthday falls under the next one so that should be epic. For anyone who struggles with finding the good in things and gets stuck in a mindset of everything bad happens to me I would recommend writing a post like this. It really makes me take the time to see what great things I’ve been a part of and I would say that despite being stressed at work, having to deal with some difficult friend situations and the ongoing battle of my hay fever I have had a bloody lot of fun over the past few months and I look forward to continuing that trend.

14 responses to “Things End But Memories Last Forever”

  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful summer. Enjoy the rest of it!

  2. Melanie says:

    Sounds like you have Bern a busy bee. Lots of fun activities and the sky garden sounds like fun x

  3. Kara says:

    Sounds like you have been having an amazing summer so far – long may it continue. Which reminds me, I have a Patisserie Valerie voucher to spend

  4. Wow you have been so busy recently. I definitely feel that writing a post like this can help you see the good when you are feeling a little low. We have so much to be grateful for.

  5. Joanna says:

    It sounds like you have been very busy and taken part in a lot of events! Good work! Meeting other bloggers and joining in different activities is always inspiring.

  6. Danielle says:

    Sounds like you have been very busy! I love the key jewellery!

  7. Laura says:

    Sounds like an amazing summer so far, and so many memories being made. keep enjoying and sharing when you can x

  8. Lynne Harper says:

    You have been so busy, go girl. I love documenting what i have been doing as well as its so lovely to look back on it in the future 🙂

  9. Wow, what an amazing, jam packed few months. It sounds like you’ve been having a great time, love some of those meals too, I still haven’t been to a Patisserie Valerie and REALLY want to go!

  10. Wow what a month I hope to get invited to great events like this in my blogging years to come, Lucky lady

  11. Abbi says:

    What an amazing summer you’ve had so far! Still a long year ahead, who knows what’s next?

  12. Oh wow, it sounds as though you’ve had the most amazing time!! Its great to have so many things to look back on in years to come and you’ve got loads to look forward to with your birthday! xxx

  13. Emily Leary says:

    What an amazing and fab time you’ve been having! I bet your mum and sister really enjoyed visiting Patisserie Valerie. Here’s to reading about the next three months!

  14. Char says:

    Pescatori was my highlight of 2018! Especially when you got covered in drink bwagagagagagag

    Char xo || http://www.memoirsmusings.com

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