The Summer Tag

As the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence and it finally feels like summer is well on its way I decided to take part in a cheeky little Summer Tag. Summer is my favourite season and so I love in Spring when the sun comes out to play as it gets me all excited for summer holidays, trips to the beach, hitting the races, cocktails in the sun and the summer wardrobe finally coming out to play, this girl is not about the winter wardrobe let me tell you.

1. What’s your favourite thing about summer?

The weather and atmosphere that the sun brings out of people. I always think when the sun is out and the air is warm with a light breeze people seem to be in better spirits.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?

I love a tall glass of Passionfruit Cider with lots of ice, preferably sat by the pool or beach on holiday or I’ll take a pub garden if I’m home.

3. Is there a location you like to go to each summer?

Over the past 10 years I have been to Magaluf every single year bar one, it’s basically my favourite place in the world to get away to.

4. Favourite makeup look for summer?

A lot of time in the summer I won’t actually wear make up as if it gets too hot I don’t want to have to layer up all the products to stop my make up melting off, so a natural look when I do take the time for make up.

5. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down in the summer?

I prefer the look of my hair down, especially when I’ve taken the time to curl it but as I have really long hair on an extremely hot, sweaty day I tend to put my hair up.

6. Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?

I do love a deep smokey eye look at any time of the year, it’s one of my favourite looks to create. I tend to stick to the same lipstick, Urban Decay’s Rapture, which is a cool plum shade so has a nice amount of colour without being too bold.

7. Favourite summer perfume?

DKNY usually bring out lovely summer scents, and I always tend to like anything with a peach smell in the summer.

8. Favourite music for summer?

Anything I can enjoy a good dance and singalong to, I’m all about a good boogie.

9. What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

I adore Twix Ice Cream but they stopped selling it in the UK so I only have it when I’m in Magaluf. I love Raspberry Ripple and Mint Chocolate Chip as well.

10. Dream summer vacation?

Last year I went to The Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas on a cruise day trip and that has always been my dream vacation. I still dream of getting to stay at the hotel for a few days and getting to experience it even more.

11. Ocean or pool?

I love going to the pool if I’m actually going in the water but I love a pedalo ride out on the ocean.

12. Beach Vacation or Wilderness?

Definitely a beach vacation, I’m not a wilderness girl and I have really bad hay fever so it’s not for me at all.

13. Open windows or Air Conditioning?

Open windows when there’s a lovely breeze but air conditioning when it’s just too hot or when it stinks from BBQs and bonfires outside and you need a bit of air.

14. Bikini or Swimsuit?


15. Lemonade or Iced Tea?


16. Hat or Sunglasses?


17. Tanning Oil or Suncream?

Suncream! I’m ginger so Im all about that bad boy factor 50

18. Flip Flop or Bare Feet?

Bare Feet

19. Water Balloons or Squirt Guns?

Water Balloons

20. Ice cream or Ice Pole?

Ice Cream

Hope you’ve got the sunshine where you live and you’re excited for the upcoming months. I’d love to know what excites you most about summer, and if you do do The Summer Tag do let me know so I can have a nose at your post.

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  • Reply Sarah

    This is a fab post. I love DKNY too, the Be Delicious perfume is my go-to. But..WAIT..HANG ON A MINUTE….you can’t buy Twix icecreams anymore??!! Haha. I LOVE them

    April 22, 2018 at 10:18 pm
  • Reply Yeah Lifestyle

    Loving your summer related post. I love summer time as well as I just enjoy walking around in sandals and having ice-cream and the sun puts a smile on my face.

    April 23, 2018 at 1:48 pm
  • Reply Beth @

    Lovely to find out your favourite things about summer, I can’t wait for summer to stay. Haha!

    April 25, 2018 at 12:40 pm
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