12, 06, 2018

Gradz Bakery Bread

What would you do if you found a treasure trove of family recipes hand-written by your Great Grandfather? When this happened to Agnes Gabriel she was inspired with Romuald Damaz to establish the GRADZ Bakery (Gabriel Romuald Agnes DamaZ) snd share their tradition of continental-style baking with Britain. By adding their own knowledge the Gradz master bakers have developed traditional bread with today’s taste and health benefits. As a massive foodie when I was contacted by Gradz to try some of their bread I was very excited and couldn’t say yes quickly enough.

I received a large box full of loaves and rolls and none of the family could quite believe the sight beholding us when the bread delivery arrived. In total there was 7 different loaves of bread and 2 rolls, and we actually had to give away a couple to friends and family as we couldn’t fit all of them in the freezer so that they would last long enough for us to test them out. Before I had even had the chance to empty the box of bread my Mum was practically drooling over the rolls, a Sourdough Plaited Sweet Bun with Sour Cherry and Crumble Topping, and was eyeing them up for her dinner. The flavour was so nice that she needed nothing more than a slick of butter and she drizzled a little touch of honey on one side, and finished off with a couple of strawberries and was very happy with her dish.

Since 2003, a natural ‘mother dough’ has been the source for GRADZ sourdough bread. No starter mix or baker’s yeast is used, which means the bread is easier to digest and it’s rich with authentic sourdough flavour and characteristics. The hand-written recipes Agnes found include half-wheat and half-rye varieties originally made by her Great Grandfather. GRADZ master bakers have added modern ingredients known to be beneficial to our wellbeing such as amaranth and spirulina to these recipes enhancing their value and deliciousness to create an artisan range of continental-style bread. Crafting healthy, delicious bread takes time. Agnes’s treasured family recipes require a slow fermentation process in which the dough rises gradually for up to 24 hours. During this time, flour and other ingredients are broken down, eventually making the bread gentler to the digestive system.

The Rye 100% inc. Honey Sourdough Bread was a little dense for our tastebuds as sliced bread but was lovely once toasted with a simple spread of butter. The flavours of the bread really does come through and you do not need a great deal of toppings on them but by all means go to town and fill it as high as a skyscraper if that’s your preference. The one that I really enjoyed with a filling was the Oats and Flax Sourdough bread which was great for cheese sandwiches, a nice Vintage Cheddar or Red Leicester really complimented the flavour, and it was delicious toasted as well.

Gradz believe that whether you have gluten in your diet or not you should still eat delicious bread and worked hard to develop their gluten free bread. It had a careful blend of grains and pulses so it has a wonderful flavour, appearance and texture, and they have added seeds too which boosts the nutritional benefits of the breads and adds to the great taste. Easy loaf will stay tasty and free for up to five days and should be stored at room temperature in its original paper bag, preferably in a bread bin or within an additional covering from a polythene, sealed shut food bag. You can also freeze the bread and refresh it by reheating parts or the entire loaf and there are instructions of the best ways to do so on the Gradz website.

8 responses to “Gradz Bakery Bread”

  1. Helen W says:

    It looks really good. It is nice to make those old family recipes yourself, but also great to be able to take home a small piece of someone else’s memories to enjoy.

  2. Louise says:

    That all looks sooooo delicious, I actually love bread, sourdough bread is lush because you can do so much with it! x

  3. I like rye bread with the right topping – open sandwiches with cheese for instance. That does look like an amazing selection of breads – and what a lovely story!

  4. Charli says:

    Oh wow, what a bumper load of bread you received! Sourdough is definitely my favourite but I’ve never tried a honeyed one. It sounds great as a late night snack with honey!
    C x

  5. This looks so tasty, I’d love to try some of these loaves too. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

  6. Anca says:

    What a lovely story. I have some recipes from my great-grandmother, so reading about them made me think about that. The bread looks amazingly yummy.

  7. Oh I love bread and I’d love a huge bread selection like this. The best bread is just perfect with butter and honey!

  8. I can never resit the bread when we go out for dinner. I love simple butter on bread.

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