18, 06, 2018

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I was tagged by the lovely Abbie for the Sunshine Blogger Award, an award or tag given from bloggers to fellow bloggers that are seen as positive, warm and inspiring. The award requires you to answer 11 questions your awarder sets for you, followed by nominating 11 other bloggers and giving them 11 fun and interesting questions to answer in turn.Read more »

04, 05, 2018

Brand Building Workshop: Collaborations and Going Full Time

I learnt so much at the Currys PC World and Microsoft Office’s Brand Building Workshop, hosted by Anna Hart, founder of South Molton Style and One Roof Social, that I couldn’t fit it all into one post without you switching off halfway through and missing out on some great advice and insight into the world of blogging. In this post I will be discussing how to gain collaborations, when is the right time to go full time with blogging and some more helpful apps and kit.
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02, 05, 2018

Brand Building Workshop: Blogger or Social Influencer

Over the past few years bloggers have firmly cemented their place in the journalistic world and suddenly we are seeing an influx of influencers both on a large and micro scale. Have you ever taken the time to think about whether you would class yourself as a blogger or an influencer, are you even aware of the difference between the two? This was one of many topics discussed in Currys PC World and Microsoft Office’s Brand Building Workshop I attended recently, hosted by the lovely Anna Hart, founder of South Molton Style and One Roof Social.Read more »

18, 04, 2018

The Summer Tag

As the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence and it finally feels like summer is well on its way I decided to take part in a cheeky little Summer Tag. Summer is my favourite season and so I love in Spring when the sun comes out to play as it gets me all excited for summer holidays, trips to the beach, hitting the races, cocktails in the sun and the summer wardrobe finally coming out to play, this girl is not about the winter wardrobe let me tell you.Read more »

04, 04, 2018

The Best Thing About Memories Is Making Them

Is anyone else sat around scratching their head at the fact that it’s April already and this year is flying by with a quarter of it already gone. The fact it is April already though does mean that we are halfway to my birthday month of August and closer to my Disney Fancy Dress 30th Party. Now I don’t want to go wishing the year away so I thought I’d take a step back and look at what I got up to in the first few months of 2018.

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