26, 03, 2015

Twitter Blog Chats

I do so love getting stuck into a bloggers chat on Twitter! Every evening there are a number of Twitter chats that happen just for us bloggers; some for particular genres of bloggers and others for all bloggers to join in, and all you need to know is the right #hashtag to use.

I have added a new link to my Menu Bar Blogger Twitter Chats where I have made a list of all the daily chats that I am aware of currently taking place. I don’t participate in all of them because they do not necessarily have any relation to my blog niche but I have tried to find as many blog chats as possible so that everyone can be keep up to date. My favourite chats to take part in if I’m free are;

7-8 #BDIB ‘Blogs Do It Better’ All Bloggers
8-9 #HEALTHYSELVES Health Bloggers
8-9 #FBLCHAT Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers
8-9 #BLOGHOUR All Bloggers
7-8 #LBLOGGERS Lifestyle Bloggers
8-9 #BBLOGGERS Beauty Bloggers
9-10 #BLOGTACULAR All Bloggers
7-8 #CRAZYBLOGGERS All Bloggers
8-9 #FBLOGGERS Fashion Bloggers
8-9 #BDIB ‘Blogs Do It Better’ All Bloggers
9-10 #UKBLOGGERS All Bloggers
6-7 #SOCIALBLOGGERS All Bloggers
7-8 #EVERYBLOGGER All Bloggers
7-8 #LBLOGGERS Lifestyle Bloggers
8-9 #BBLOGGERS Beauty Bloggers
Some of the chats have a pre-selected theme and a host who will post numerous questions the chat to get conversation going. This is a great chance for you to learn new things, pick up tips and share your own experiences and knowledge with everyone. Others are just a general chat where everyone can just ramble away for an hour, both are a great chance to interact with lots of like-minded bloggers, and even pick yourself up a number of new blogger chums.
Hope to see you all in some of the chats 🙂

3 responses to “Twitter Blog Chats”

  1. Arianne says:

    I LOVE twitter chats! it's so nice connecting with people that shares the same interest as you 🙂


  2. I love this! Always look forward to blog chats 🙂

    Jennifer's Journal x

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