02, 02, 2018

Compliments and Confidence with Some Body by Superdrug

One of my goals for the year is to improve my fitness, cut down on all the unhealthy foods in my diet and to feel more confident in myself. I was sent a parcel containing some diet and fitness goodies from Superdrug’s Some Body range to help me on my journey.

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08, 02, 2017

Achieving the Fitness Levels of a Movie Star


Lara Croft is one of those larger than life video game characters. She’s been the epitome of girl power ever since she became the titular protagonist of a cult classic, Tomb Raider, in 1996. Fans and non-fans alike, know her as an intelligent, independent English archaeologist who, at the drop of a hat, transforms into a strong and agile adventurer. Her character travels to distinct locations all over the world, dealing with unstable terrains, death-defying climbs, and dangerous villains. In hindsight, Lara Croft is lithe yet fervent, graceful but quick, which is why she has the makings of an influential fitness icon.Read more »

02, 02, 2017

The Dark Side Of Fitness

Losing weight and eating healthier are always the top New Years Resolutions made every year and research analysts Mintel say “Nearly four-fifths of UK adults have set themselves at least one health or fitness goal, yet only 12% currently use a gym”. We can all admit that exercise is good for us, it helps you stay healthy, can make you look and feel good, alleviates stress, boosts your energy and so much more. But no one really talks about the “dark side” of fitness, like dealing with sweat, aches and pains, and being confused over what machines do what. Whilst there is no way to avoid the downsides of working out, there are some solutions to help you through it that I wish I knew when I first started at the gym.
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10, 07, 2016

Race For Life 5K

Race For Life 5K 2014 Runners

In 2014 I took part in the Race For Life 10K with three of the girls I worked with, we might not have been the fittest group ever but for charity you don’t have to be. We walked most of the course and did it in memory of our loved ones we had sadly lost to cancer, or were fighting it at the time.Read more »

26, 06, 2016

Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz

Charlotte Crosby 3 Minute Belly Blitz

Unfortunately due to starting a new job in a new location I have lost my easy access to the gym (it was literally opposite Debenhams) so I have had to come up with another way to keep up my exercise, and with the limited time I now have as well a workout DVD seemed like the best option, and so I bought Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz.
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