22, 03, 2015

Dusty Girls Pink Ladies Blush

Dusty Girls is the make up baby of skincare brand MooGoo

Dusty Girls use the clay and minerals of the Earth to improve skin tone, without the use of any chemicals. Along with some additional ingredients, that are natural and healthy for the body and skin, their make up lasts long and gives great coverage.

The blush comes in two shades, Pink Ladies and Golden Delicious. Golden Delicious is a golden shade that is perfect for illuminating darker skin tone, and Pink Ladies as seen in my pictures is a gorgeous shimmering pink shade. This is now my go-to blusher, it’s such a lovely shade, not too strong a shade of pink that you end up looking like a clown but strong enough that it gives a healthy flush.

The blushers retail at £15, and I would highly recommend you also buying their Kabuki Brush to apply the blusher with. It’s a lovely soft brush that doesn’t leave any bristles behind whilst using, unfortunately I forgot to photograph when I first got it and it’s now looking a tad rough for pictures but it’s worth the £7.50 I assure you.

Have you tried Dusty Girls, or their skincare brand MooGoo?

2 responses to “Dusty Girls Pink Ladies Blush”

  1. Arianne says:

    that's actually a really lovely shade!


  2. Sophie B says:

    This looks amazing! Never heard of this brand before but I love the look of that shade xx Sophie/ http://www.prettyandpolished.co.uk

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