18, 02, 2016

The Bloggers Planner

Bloggers PlannerIn a bid to improve my organisation in terms of blogging I ordered myself a blog planner with my Christmas money from my Grandad. I had a thorough hunt online, wanting one that was both aesthetically pleasing and more than just a standard diary or calendar. I happened to come across The Bloggers Planner on Instagram because someone I followed had got a planner from them and I was in love.

Bloggers PlannerBloggers Planner Bloggers Planner Blogger Planner Bloggers Planner Bloggers Planner Bloggers Planner

Not only does it have everything a standard diary would include, there’s also a Monthly Ideas Space, Content Planner, Monthly Stats Tracker, Blog Roll, Twitter Chat Schedule, just to name a few. You have to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery as it’s made to order and printed in Germany, but it couldn’t be more worth the £29.99 I paid, and you can pick the month that your diary begins. You can choose between a hardback or paperback, choose between their cover titles or you can even pick your own, so you could have your blog name across the front. My front cover was a special edition across the Christmas period, and each month has an illustration included too. You don’t even have to get a Blog Planner; they also have Day Planners, Menu Planners, and To Do Lists, so they cater for different types of bloggers.

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  1. This looks amazing definitely looking into getting one as I need to be way more organised! And the fact it’s personalised is even better! xo

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