03, 11, 2016

Back again, returning to forever

Adventure Awaits

Neglected! I’m sad to say this is definitely the word that comes to mind when it comes to my blog of late, BUT that is all about to change as I have an announcement. I have a new job. A new thirst for life. And the passion I haven’t felt in a while in wanting to blog and be a stable part of this community again.
Let Today Be The Start Of Something New

For the past few months I realised a part of me was just not happy, and sadly in large part it was due to work. I was spending over 3 hours every day travelling there, and due to an upcoming relocation I was constantly on the edge that they would announce the move date and I would be instantly unemployed as it was too far for me to travel. Off the back of this I was constantly tired, I was not very well which could have been down to stress and I majorly neglected my blog off the back of this.

On Tuesday I started my new job with Debenhams, who I previously worked for as a supervisor in one of the stores, but this time round I have moved to Head Office and my new title is Implementation Fixture Coordinator. I’m so happy to be back working in a company I feel at home with and I have a new challenge that I am ready to throw myself into.

Although I have not been able to find the time or the drive to blog I have made sure to keep active on social media, and I went on a bloggers trip to Center Parcs about two weeks ago so I didn’t quite go completely MIA. I love the blogging community, the people I get to meet because of it, the opportunities I’m lucky enough to have on behalf of it and just having my own little part of the internet that has been mine for years now.

Another great thing that comes out of the new job is I can finally make a solid start on saving and moving out in the new year with my friend Abi. We have been friends for about 8 years now and she recently started blogging herself so we have already decided that we will have a blogging/vlogging room in our new place. I even invested in a filming and photography set from Amazon in preparation for this, it’s got lights, backgrounds, green screens, the lot! This year has not been the greatest for me, there’s been more lows than highs, so I’m happy to come out of it on a uplifting note.

22 responses to “Back again, returning to forever”

  1. Claire says:

    Sounds like an exciting new season! Congratulations & good luck!

  2. Paula says:

    Congrats on your new job!! Sound amazing :), I am looking for a job in Madrid now, hope I will be as lucky as you :D.

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh wow it sounds like you have some awesome new starts happening at the moment, good luck with your blog and Debenhams job!

  4. I’d love my own blogging room! I love my amazon lights too- especially as the weather has started to change and natural light is disappearing! 🙂

  5. Tara says:

    I love positive changes like this, best of luck with everything!

  6. Milly says:

    Congratulations on the new job! I sometimes find life just needs a bit of a kick up the butt sometimes to get things going again. The idea of a blogging/vlogging house is so cute too!

  7. Kathryn Watson says:

    Well it sounds like youve certainly get your sh*t together! Lots of luck for your new place xx

  8. Rachel says:

    Aw congrats on the new role lovely and high five for the new zest for life which you clearly do have x

  9. Sounds like a great new job! Sometimes life gets in the way of Blogging and my mummy has had a dip this week!

  10. stephanie says:

    Glad to hear it’s all going well for you! It’s amazing what a new thirst for life and blogging can do for you – and good luck with the new job! x

  11. Hannah says:

    Congratulations on the new job at Debenhams! Love the idea of a blog room xx

  12. Best wishes and congrats on the new job! Enjoy the role and keep pursuing your goals. xx

  13. Congratulation on the new job – Hope it continues to give you peace of mind. I always feel you can’t force blogging if you are having a slump – Your passion naturally comes back in time.

  14. nicol says:

    congrats on the new job! good luck with it and the adventure it brings!

  15. Congrats on the new job, three hours is just too much! Sometimes you need to make some time out x

  16. Sounds like you have it all
    Planned out, hope it all works out and the you settle in your new role quickly x

  17. Sounds like big changes for you! That’s great!

  18. Anosa says:

    Congrats on the new job and good luck with the move and the blog. I know the feeling of neglecting your blog because of work (plus uni for me).

  19. Congratulations on the new job, it sounds like you have some exciting things ahead.

  20. Jemma says:

    Congratulations on your new job. I hope you are happy there.

  21. Good luck with your new job, it sounds so amazing. Well done.

  22. Congratulations on the new job! Sometimes it’s good to have a break from blogging, it gives you a new perspective x

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