23, 05, 2017

SORTEDfood and Co-Op presents NowCookIt

Earlier in the year I told you all about the #CookingGap, the partnership between Co-Op and SORTEDfood to tackle the lack of cooking experience that has developed in the 16-35 generation in the UK. Through Co-Op’s research and SORTEDfood visiting schools and universities, and much more hard work, Now Cook It was born.Picture it, you’re in the kitchen attempting a recipe you found online and decided this was going to be the moment you learned to cook and suddenly skills you never knew you had would rain down on you… And then the recipe asks you to de-seed a chilli, or poach an egg, or even suggests making your own pesto. You throw the recipe down in frustration as you can’t do any one of those things and settle with a microwave meal for one or order a take away. This is where Now Cook It becomes your saviour.

Some of you may think but all of those things are so simple, surely everyone must know how to do basic cooking, but sadly 24% don’t think they’ll ever learn, and 27% of millennials are not interested in learning how to cook at all. I personally never learnt proper cooking skills at school and never took the time to ask my family to teach me anything at home, preferring to take the lazy approach and rely on ready meals if I was making dinner for myself.

Thanks to a corrupted SD card I thought I had lost all my photos from the day I was invited to YouTube HQ to see the SORTEDfood boys again; Ben, Mike, Barry and Jamie, to see Now Cook It firsthand and even attempt a little cooking with them. Luckily for me the tech god smiled down on me and I finally managed to access them a few days ago.

Now Cook It is not aimed at any particular level of skill, you can use it to learn the basics but you can also use it to improve on your current knowledge and pick up a few showboating skills like how to make homemade jam. And to prove that this can help even the most hopeless of us “cooks” let me tell you about my day with the boys.

After talking me through Now Cook It they said I was going to make Shakshuka with them, now when I say I’m hopeless here’s proving how much. Part of the recipe called for deseeding and slicing a pepper, well I’ve never even eaten a pepper before let alone cut one. I had poor Barry trying to talk me through it, whilst I think silently praying that I didn’t cause an accident with the knife, and then even more shocked when I finally admitted myself and peppers had not yet crossed paths.

With Now Cook It you can sign in with the social media account of your choice and create a profile where you can keep track of any recipes you have tried, and also which skills you have learned and what techniques you have mastered. I have attempted the Sausage Carbonara, Very Berry Brownies and Raisin and Oatmeal Cookies, but I’m not yet confident enough to post pictures of my attempts, maybe on my next try, but I love that I can check track of how I’m doing and what I still am yet to master. My friends and family have been impressed with my attempts so far, and bonus no one has got food poisoning so that’s a definite win. Seriously, if Now Cook It can teach me to cook there is hope for you all!

18 responses to “SORTEDfood and Co-Op presents NowCookIt”

  1. Gareth Torrance says:

    This is such a great idea! And a great way to build cooking skills for people!

  2. I agree, I only really learned to cook elaborate meals at university. Ironically before that the only thing I could make was pasta haha. Now cook it sounds great and that egg dish looks so good xx

  3. This sounds like a great way to make people feel more confident about their cooking!

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    What an awesome sounding idea, I wish I was more confident with cooking in the kitchen but sadly I am rubbish I could burn water.

  5. Melanie says:

    What a great scheme to get people involved, in the kitchen and feeling confident about cooking 🙂 x

  6. oh wow those eggs look delicious and such a great idea for cooking classes!

  7. I love to cook and think I may have some of the basics covered but this dos sound like it would be quite useful. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your berry brownies!

  8. This is a great concept and a wonderful way to learn to cook delicious and healthy dishes.

  9. Erin Ek Rush says:

    Cook It sounds really clever! Cooking is such an important skill!

  10. Cook it sounds like a brilliant idea, cooking is so very important to know

  11. I love this idea – would love to see more people becoming confident in the kitchen and learning how much fun cooking can be. I am yearning for a trip to YoutUbe HQ!

  12. Ashleigh says:

    This looks like a fab event to go to. That food looks amazing! What talented chefs x

  13. Lisa prince says:

    what a fantastic event and very much an eye opener to showing you whats great fun about being in the kitchen x

  14. Savi says:

    Amazing – I love cooking but this can be so handy for my friends who just need a push to start cooking their own meals

  15. Yaya says:

    I really think it’s a shame that more millenials don’t consider knowing how to cook important. It’s a basic life need and I love seeing campaigns like this bringing that to the forefront. Glad you were able to recover your footage! x

  16. Anosa says:

    It boggers my mind how many people my age don’t know how to cook. This is something my tradition kinda imparts in ou that it becomes part of your life. But I am glad there is something to help teach the basics to the many who can’t boil water (so to speak)

  17. Jenni says:

    I think the coop campaigns are fab for bringing awareness and confidence to people about cooking from scratch

  18. It sounds like a great initiative. I think it’s sad kids don’t get taught proper cooking skills anymore. That shakshuka looks yummy!

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