28, 07, 2017

Holly’s Lollies Alcoholic Sweets

Hands up if you know that I like a drink, an alcoholic drink that is. Everyone’s hands up? Thought so! So I’m sure you can all imagine when I heard about Hollys Lollies. alcoholic sweets I had to treat myself, and because I’m so lovely I bought some for friends and family too.
In the summer of 2013 Holly was on her break from university running a food blog called Mess Makes Food. She started making confectionary, starting with fudge and toffee before moving on to more complicated sweet treats, and finally lollies.
With friends and family encouraging Holly that she could sell them she set up an Etsy store and found it was a success but with university not over she had to go back. Skip two years later and with a degree under her belt Holly’s Lollies came back bigger and better than ever.
Aside from the fact that it’s alcohol flavoured sweets, what I found really striking was the packaging. You can really see the love and care that has gone into the products, even down to the slight changes in colour on the Sweet Jars packaging to line up with the contents. Alongside the sweet jars, Holly sells Giant Lollies, Small Lollies, Bubbles, Personalised pieces, Mothers, Fathers and Valentines Day, and she even offers a Wedding service. Hand crafted unique wedding favours, from the option of small packages for gifts bags to lollipops with each guests name on, in your choice of colour and flavour.
I ordered the Raspberry Prosecco Humbugs and Peach Bellini Bubbles for myself, and I was surprised by just how much flavour comes through. I find with most prosecco flavoured products it’s more scent or novelty factor than actual taste that is the biggest selling point, but not with these. I took the Bellini Bubbles with me on a recent visit to Charli‘s and we had them sat in between us and we kept dipping in as they were so more-ish, we just couldn’t help going back for more.
The Cherry and Amaretto Humbugs are for my aunt who was very excited by the prospect of alcohol flavoured sweets. Especially as you tend to be quite restricted in flavours (at least you are in all the ranges I’ve come across) but Holly has a large range catering to most tastes. The Sweet Jars come in multiple flavours including Passionfruit Mojito, Mango Daiquiri and Whiskey & Cola. The Bubbles include flavours such as Strawberry Champagne and Gin & Tonic.
How cute is the quote on the Giant Lolly! This is for one of my friends upcoming birthdays, and I also bought another friend the Peach Bellini Bubbles for her birthday last month. We are big prosecco fans if you weren’t aware, and if you aren’t then you must be new to the blog so hi. My Snapchat and Twitter are normally overflowing with Prosecco related content.
Another great thing about Holly’s Lollies is the price point. The Giant Lolly was £3.95, the Sweet Jars were £6.50 and the Bubbles were £4.50. I spent a total of £26 for 5 items in total and I would definitely say it was worth every penny. You get a good amount of product and with an intense amazing flavour you can’t go wrong.

7 responses to “Holly’s Lollies Alcoholic Sweets”

  1. These look like lovely fun products, perfect for little extras at a Christmas time x

  2. OMG Cherry and Amaretto is literally my FAVE combo! I will definitely look to buy these when its my birthday… a little treat to me from me xxx

  3. Fritha says:

    Oh I love the idea of these! They’d be perfect for gifts (if I didn’t eat them myself!!) x

  4. Jenni says:

    These look nice and a great present idea! My sister may like these

  5. I think I know a few people who would love these. The Jars are super cute too! They would make nice gifts.

  6. I’ve never tried alcoholic sweets like these, my friends love prosecco sweets! xxx

  7. Louise says:

    Ooh, these look and sound absolutely delicious! I’m putting together a wedding advent calendar for my niece and may have to treat her by popping some of Holly’s Lollies Alcoholic Sweets in there!!

    Louise x

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