01, 08, 2017

Naked Heat Review and an Urban Giveaway

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Palette

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or you’ve been on my Instagram, you’ll know that I am a massive fan of Urban Decay. So I’m sure you can all imagine how excited I was when I came home from the doctors, with an all clear to my scans thank you very much, to a shiny purpley-pink parcel and inside was the newest addition to the Urban Decay Naked family; the Naked Heat.Urban Decay Naked Heat PaletteUrban Decay Naked Heat Eye Palette Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Close Up Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Close Up Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Close UpUrban Decay Naked Heat Defining Crease BrushUrban Decay Naked Heat Blending Brush

Admittedly when I first saw pictures of the Naked Heat I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to use it. It looked very much like it sat in the orange family, so being the strong ginger that I am I wasn’t exactly jumping with joy at the idea of my hair and my eyes clashing.

Thankfully on closer inspection I was happy to find it was more of a red to brown selection. Usually I might slightly edit the brightness or contrast of my photos, I mean don’t we all right right, but I promise you I haven’t touched these as I wanted to truly show the colours on offer. With matte warm browns, shimmering coppers and deep reds, this palette should work with all skin tones and is extremely versatile. You have the ability to create a subtle daytime look, a bold statement eye or of course my favourite for a night out a smoky eye, alongside so many in between options.

The shades are, as always, super pigmented and soft, and very easy to blend which is great for me as I have quite hooded eyes so I spend a lot of time blending my eyes out so you can actually see the colour and result I was going for. I’m by no means a pro when it comes to make up, especially the eyes, but I’ve actually been quite impressed with my skills with this palette. I have not yet had a chance to take any swatch pictures so I do apologise for being that girl that posts a review without all the information you’d want, but I just have not had the time. I will post pictures of them on my Instagram soon, and I will update this post with them when they are ready.

I created the look above using Low Blow as my base across the lid, followed up with He Devil in the inner and outer corners brushing slightly across the lid line. On the outer corner I then built the colour using Cayenne, En Fuego and finally a dash of Ember to give it a touch of smoke, and finished off with a brush of Ounce under my eyebrows for a touch of highlight, and of course Perversion Mascara. I wore this to a blogging girls day out at Junkyard Golf on Sunday and was so pleased when they all said they liked it, as I’ve not been feeling too great lately, so that definitely picked me up. I’ve since heard and seen that Em Ford from My Pale Skin Blog done a Naked Heat Tutorial and used pretty much the same shades (great minds think alike) so you should definitely check her video out, she’s fabulous!

I already have a number of Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and I’m happy to say this did not disappoint and is as loved as the rest of my collection. As soon as I got it and sent a snap to one of my best friend she was straight online ordering it as she couldn’t get over how great it looked. The Naked Heat retails at £39.50 and is available online now, and launches in stores on the 3rd August, so just two days to wait if you’re not an online shopper.

Now I have to take a moment to say the hugest thank you to all of my readers. For sticking with me through sporadic posting, crazy Twitter updates, drunken at home karaoke Snap Stories and all the rest. To show you how much I appreciate all your ongoing support I will be running giveaways at the end of all my posts in August. There’ll be a total of 7 prizes to be won, all of which have been revealed on my Facebook page if you’d like to have a sneak peek.

Each will run for a month from the day they launch and I will reveal all the winners on Twitter and Facebook after each closes. I sent out a tweet last month asking what Urban Decay Naked Palette people would most like to win and the Naked 3 came top so I am giving one away. I have purchased all the prizes myself, all are things that I love and hope you will love too. Celebrate my birthday month and the countdown to my holiday with me, with your own potential present. Enter now, and good luck my beauties!

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72 responses to “Naked Heat Review and an Urban Giveaway”

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Such an amazing giveaway, so I definitely had to enter! I love the original Naked palette as I don’t have the 2nd or 3rd!

  2. Kacie says:

    I have the rose gold Naked palette and I’ve used it every day for about two years!

  3. Yaya says:

    What a brilliant giveaway, thank you for your generosity! The Naked palettes are all stunning really. x

  4. You make this palette look so pretty, if I’m honest I wasn’t excited about the colours either but I’ve seen it used in looks and they are so stunning

  5. These are gorgeous colours, just the ones I would choose x

  6. Alexandra Bacanu says:

    I don’t own any Naked pallets but this has lovely shades and you tottaly suit them. Xx

  7. This looks stunning on you Tanya! The shades suit you so well.
    The only one I have is Naked2 but I love it <3

  8. Mel says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this palette so I am glad to hear it didn’t disappoint – it looks like it lives up to the Urban Decay Naked hype

  9. Gareth Torrance says:

    I’ve seen a few people mentioning Urban Decay now, but I’d never even heard of it before your previous post, haha! My wife is currently debating whether she wants to try it.

  10. I love the look of the heat palette, I definitely need to swatch the shades next time I’m in a store x

  11. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Naked 3 is the only one I own, but this one, the Naked Heat, must be the best from them all. It’s simply gorgeous. Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone who enters !

  12. Laura Azevedo says:

    I don’t have any of the naked palettes, but i love the colors of the naked 2, cause it’s a palette that i know that i would use everything of her. And the colors of the Naked Heat are incredible, so i want it for sure!

    thank you for this opportunity

  13. Paulina Ríos says:

    Ohh this new palette is gorgeous, I’ve never tried a Naked palette but probably my favourite is the Naked Heat Palette! Love it!

  14. LORRAINE KIRK says:

    I don’t have any of the Naked palettes but this has some great earthy rich colours.

  15. Melanie says:

    Not used these palates before but they look awesome. I’m shopping tomorrow so will be checking these out :)x

  16. Angela Milnes says:

    I heard about this new Naked Palette and I really want to have this It is an awesome giveaway.

  17. nicol says:

    i wasn’t so sure at first but the more i see it, the more i want it. easily persuaded haha

  18. Christine Dodd says:

    I like the rose gold pallette

  19. francesca says:

    You got some lovely photos of the naked heat palette!! I was so unsure about getting this one as I’ve loads of palettes with these kinds of shades but they do look beautiful and I love the look you created with it!

  20. Natashakat says:

    naked basics 2!

  21. Oh my goodness I loveeeee Naked palettes! They always have the best, most pigmented colors!

  22. I sadly don’t own any UD makeup yet so this palette would be absolutely perfect to try out. I love the scorched and ember shades and would love to give them a try.

  23. Heather Hibbert says:

    I like Naked2

  24. Rebecca Brown says:

    I’v not tried any yet, I keep meaning to but never get round to it!

  25. Rebecca H says:

    I’ve never owned and Urban Decay Pallet, but I love the tones of this pallet so fingers crossed!

  26. laura banks says:

    naked2 is the only one i have

  27. Alica says:

    I really love the Urban Decay Naked Palette Smoky Eye 🙂 x

  28. claire blaney says:

    After seeing this one. this is my favourite palette they have really up’d there game on the pigment off this palette, i have number 2 cwhich was my fave, but when i saw this in store i was gobsmacked at how amazing the shades are & i’d love to add it to my makeup bag.

  29. Amelia Kennedy says:

    The Naked 2 palette is my favourite … love it! x

  30. Jade Pawley says:

    I don’t own a Urban Decay palette but the ‘flushed’ one is pretty gorgeous!

  31. I don’t own any of the UD palettes, so don’t really have a favourite. Although this one is gorgeous and looks lovely!

    Laura x

  32. Stacey Carnell says:

    I want them all! My husband asked me for my last birthday what I wanted and I told him an Urban decay palette, didn’t get one. Then same for Christmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day! Still don’t have one lol It’s my birthday again next month and if I don’t get one then I’ll just have to treat myself haha

  33. Julie Carwardine says:

    I love the original one but also a fan of Naked 3.

  34. Emma Wright says:

    Naked pallet is my favourite

  35. silviabia says:

    I only own Naked basics so it’s currently my favourite! x

  36. Vicki D says:

    My favourites are the Naked3 and Naked Smoky palettes.

  37. claire glace says:

    Honestly they are all so lovely, Im always looking at them, and would love to own one, thank you

  38. Sarah says:

    I love all the urban decay palettes but the Naked pallets are my favourite.

  39. Lydia A says:

    The original pallette is my favourite. A great selection of shades.


    I’ve never tried one, but always wanted one as all the colours in the naked serious look fantastic!

  41. Penny H says:

    I think my favourite has to be the Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette but this new one has some lovely colours in it too. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! 🙂

  42. Jo Carroll says:

    My current fave is the Urban Decay Naked Palette ‘Smoky Eye’. x

  43. Rachel says:

    This is such a gorgeouse palette, I love all the warm shades! I think the Naked 2 is my favourite out of all of them! xo

  44. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I haven’t used an Urban Decay palette before

  45. Carole E says:

    I have never tried these but this Naked Heat palette looks wonderful

  46. Susan Hoggett says:

    I’ve yet to try them but I’ve heard the hype and I’d love to try one out!

  47. Karen Barrett says:

    The Rose Gold Naked Palette 🙂

  48. amy bondoc says:

    i dont yet own any, i like the colours in this one 😉

  49. Laura Jeffs says:

    I love the Uban Decay Full Spectrum palette

  50. Kerry Taylor says:

    I like all of the Naked ones, and I got my sister Naked 2 for Christmas last year. She’s a convert too!

  51. Sophie Foulds says:

    I love the first Naked palette 🙂 x

  52. Lori Darling says:

    Loving the naked2

  53. rebecca h says:

    I love my urban decay Moondust palette! such great pigmentation and colours. and I love that they are cruelty free!

  54. Helen Winson says:

    Love the Naked 2 pallete

  55. Claire S says:

    love the original Naked palette xx

  56. Jodie A Green says:

    i dont own any 🙁 It would be a lovely treat to win this though 🙂

  57. Ren Taylor says:

    Smoky palette is my fave x

  58. Naz M says:

    I don’t have any, but I tried the original palette once and I loved it 🙂

  59. Catherine Spencer says:

    I don’t own any but my daughter has Naked 2 and the shades are lovely

  60. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    For me it has to be the urban decay electric pressed pigment palette

  61. Vicki-Anne Smith says:

    I love the Vice palettes, especially the latest one.

  62. natalie wallace says:

    I love the original first Naked palette.

  63. sarah parker says:

    the original one 🙂

  64. Marrian says:

    I don’t own any but I love the colours in this one the most, so pretty.

  65. Heather Hibbert says:

    Looks brilliant! Fingers crossed

  66. Kay Broomfield says:

    I actually really like the look of the Naked Heat palette!

  67. SHAZZ says:

    i love all the palettes- lovely pigmented colors.

  68. Maria Jane Knight says:

    I love the naked 3 palette!

  69. Hannah Smith says:

    I don’t own any of the palettes, so can’t say I have a favourite yet.

  70. Jodie Pether says:

    Ammo palette as it was my first one.

  71. ellie spider says:

    i like the smokey pallette

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