10, 03, 2016

Favourite Foundations and Brushes

Urban Decay Naked Skin FoundationIf there’s one thing in your make up bag you should invest in it’s your foundation make up brushes. It might seem like a good idea at the time to save money by grabbing a cheap duplicate of the brush you were advised to purchase alongside your foundation, but in the long run you will more than likely regret that decision. If you are willing to spend a lot of money getting the right foundation, why then apply it with a cheap brush with less quality bristles and an inadequate finish. I would also always advise you to go into store and have your foundation colour matched and tested before trying, there’s nothing worse than spending all that money for it to just sit in a drawer unused because the colour is wrong or you’re not happy with the finish or coverage. Personally, dependant on what coverage I am after and what time of day it is, I switch between three different foundations; a liquid, a cream and a powder, and I use two different brushes for these.Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Foundation My favourite liquid foundation is Urban Decay’s Naked Skin which is a light to full coverage with a demi-matte finish. It is quite a thin consistency and I use the Bare Minerals Smoothing Face Brush to apply it. This dual fibre synthetic brush gives a soft, smooth application and blends like a dream, it’s such a quick application and is easy to control the coverage. I usually pop a bit of foundation on the back of my hand, dip the brush in and buff straight onto the face, you don’t need much at all. I prefer to use this foundation in the evening as I like more coverage for a night out and it is usually paired with a smoky eye and red lip, also from the Urban Decay family.
My favourite cream foundation is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue which is more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. Again I apply this with the Smoothing Face Brush, but it works better for me as a day time foundation as it’s only a light to medium coverage. It’s also a great summer foundation as it’s great for enhancing a tan, and has a lovely dewy finish.
Bare Minerals Original FoundationIf I want a fuller day time coverage I always go for my trusty Original Powder by Bare Minerals, which also comes in a matter finish, and I apply it with the Supreme Finisher Brush. This synthetic fibre brush is perfect for applying any powder based products; bronzers, luminizers, finishing powders, etc. The powder gives a light to full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin, as it literally has only 5 ingredients in it.
With all of these foundations a little really does go a long way, even when you build up the coverage, so you should get at least 3-6 months out of them. Both of the brushes I use retail at £24 and can be bought at a range of retailers including Debenhams and John Lewis, so keep an eye out for sales if it’s a bit steep for you. With proper care you will get a good few years out of these and won’t need to replace as often as you would your cheaper option. And before you tell me you’ve had your cheaper dupe for a long time, can you honestly say it’s been cleaned properly and isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria? Your brush should be getting a deep clean at least once a fortnight if you are using them on a daily basis, and the cheaper brushes bristles wont last through the washes as well as the better quality ones.

13 responses to “Favourite Foundations and Brushes”

  1. StressedMum says:

    These look really good products, I need to update my brushes x

  2. Kira C says:

    I tend to use a sponge to apply foundation and it’s not very good. Bought myself a brush once but it was only a cheap one because I didn’t know where to start looking for a decent one so thank you for helping me get started 😀

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    Do you know I really don’t have that many foundation brushes – I’ve never seem to perfect that art – it is something I need to work on. Some great sounding foundations in this post. x

  4. I use a Marykay foundation brush. It does the job. Great post x

  5. Hannah Wood says:

    I like foundation bruhes they are so good and do like my beauty blender too. x

  6. I used to use Bare Minerals years ago and absolutely loved it. I have such oily skin so I really struggle to find foundation to suit me xxx

    • admin says:

      Last year Bare Minerals brought out an oil free liquid foundation, if you have a counter near you pop in and get a sample xx

  7. Jo says:

    I always use my base minerals brush to buff my transluscent powder after having applied my foundation. Its perfect for that

  8. Alice Project: Wanderlust says:

    I so need to get some good brushes – have heard great things about bare minerals

  9. My daughter would love these products, my beauty routine is virtually zero.

  10. This came at the perfect time I am about to get a new foundation so am tempted by the bare minerals one! X

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  11. I don’t have many brushes but these look great.

  12. What lovely products. I love the brushes.

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