06, 10, 2017

Off The Wall On The Plate Pop Up Restaurant

For the last two weeks the UK’s largest wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown transformed their Soho Townhouse into The House Of Wallpaper. I was invited by the PR company Branded3 to attend the seven course Pop Up Restaurant entitled Off The Wall On The Plate, created by the extremely talented Pedro Passinhas. They were nice enough to also offer me a plus one for the event so I took my friend and fellow blogger Abi.

Just take a moment to truly take in how beautiful all of the dishes really are, and then imagine them being placed in front of you and having each explained by the waiters or the chef himself. It has got to be the fanciest food I’ve ever eaten, and probably will ever eat. Pedro said of his collaboration with Graham and Brown the following

When looking at the G&B wallpaper project I could identify a lot of similarities to research I was already developing at Denim n Dine. The idea was to somehow translate what I saw from the wallpaper onto a plate of food whilst keeping the food delicious, seasonal, visually appealing and with a clear connection to the wallpaper theme.
Textures of the plates, colours, materials, and even their weights help establish a link between each dish and the matching wallpaper, helping to create a food narrative, that ties in all of these aspects together.We also wanted to create a meal that would provoke the diners senses, not just the taste but tactile, visual, aromas, making the experience very interactive. This is where I started research into Edible papers, shaping ingredients into natural elements such as leaves, moss, barks, minerals, using colours, contrasts in textures to help create the connection for the dinner between all of our selection of G&B wallpaper themes and our menu for the experience.

The order in which I have posted the photos is the order in which we were served the food, and it all kicked off with the Light As Paper dish which featured a ginger and cumin foam sitting on top of carrot and orange granita with an edible napkin. Anyone who knows me well will be thinking but you’re so fussy with food how did you manage to make it through seven courses of posh and fancy food, and I say to you I stand by the statement that you have to try everything once and I truly did with this meal trying everything put in front of me. Whilst I wasn’t particularly sold on the foam or granita I loved the edible napkin and it was amazing to see and hear how his ideas had come together.

This was followed by the Mineral dish which was inspired by the mineral and aluminium aspects of wallpaper, and you can see in my photo the Oyster Aluminium “paper” with pickled oysters, horseradish cream, parsley mayonnaise and dill. The next dish was Scrunched Up and this was my favourite of the day, featuring a Scallop “sheet”, slow cooked pork neck, squash puree and pickled cauliflower. It was absolutely delicious and I wish I had more, if Pedro ever wants to pop over and make this again he is more than welcome.

Next was a surprise for me in that I didn’t expect myself to like this dish at all but I loved it. On the table was a jar of twigs which we thought was decoration until a creme fraiche dip was placed on the table and we were told to dig into the flower jar. Abi was not the biggest fan of the twigs but this worked out great for me as I pretty much ate our entire jar by myself. The final dish before the desserts came out was Walk Through The Woods which had edible moss, celeriac bark, smoked celeriac puree topped with a roasted quail. I had never had quail before but I would describe it as similar to chicken but with a rougher texture, I would happily have it again.

Origami was the second to last dish of the day, using the white pith of a watermelon with an orange blossom jelly, classed as a pre dessert introducing us all to the sweeter side of the meal. The final dish and another big favourite of mine was Terra, a dish of candied beetroot, compress watermelon, goats milk yogurt, honey and cocoa soil. I was the first person to finish this dish on the table and barely stopped to breathe because it was so good. It really was the perfect end to a wonderful meal.

We were seated with some of the team with Graham and Brown, and a table across from the Graham family and so we got a real insight to the company and it was so great to see a bunch of people so passionate about the company they work for and the projects they are involved in. They made us feel so welcome and were really friendly, we were really lucky to have attended on that day and be with such great company. After the meal they took us on a tour of the transformed Townhouse and I left with so many samples of wallpaper that all I want to do now is have a complete house overhaul. This was definitely one of my absolute favourite moments of being a blogger and I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of such a fabulous event.

30 responses to “Off The Wall On The Plate Pop Up Restaurant”

  1. Kara says:

    That sounds like an amazing event to be a part of and the food looks ah-ma-zing!! I love Graham and Brown!

  2. Ana says:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time and just the presentation of each dish makes me intrigued! seems like a lovely event to go to! X

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    It sounds like a really interesting place to get a meal, I love that they were explained to you by the main man himself, they are almost like mini works of art.

  4. What a diverse and interesting range of dishes. This sounds like it would have been a fun event to go to. I love the presentation it’s exceptional.

  5. Love how unique this place is, the food is presented beautifully too! I will have to visit one day

  6. Isabel says:

    What a unique idea, to match the food to the designs! They must have worked so hard on it. I think I really would have liked the idea of cocoa soil. Pretty much cocoa anything if I’m honest!

  7. John F says:

    Those plates of food really do look like artwork in themselves. What a great event to get invited to.

  8. Wow this is beautiful! What gorgeous presentation, it looks too good to eat!! Sounds like a great event.

  9. It’s always great to see an insight into a brand. Some of them, you just don’t have a clue of what goes on in the background and who is pulling the strings. Lovely of them to invite you to check out the pop up restaurant. Judging from the presentation it appears they went to an awful lot of effort which is just fabulous and kudos to them!


  10. Patrick says:

    Pop up restaurants are such a cool idea and mixing them with another company seems like a winning combo. Someone at Graham and Brown deserves a bonus!!

  11. Lilinha says:

    What a wonderful selection of beautifully presented dishes with interesting ingredients. I love them all, don’t even know which one I would try first!

  12. Wow they sound like such unusual dishes. I am usually pretty fussy but I’m willing to try most things x

  13. I am not normally one for fancy dining but I can’t help but admire how beautiful this pop up restaurant dishes are. The Terra dish is beautifully presented x

  14. melanie says:

    Love this pop up event, so cool and the dishes look awesome 🙂 x

  15. Kirsty says:

    That looks like a work of art! It all sounds incredibly delicious and must have been a great experience

  16. Anosa says:

    I love how the foods were beautifully presented. I am curious about the taste of it all especially the Origami.

  17. What a fantastic event and the food looks divine! Love how each dish is a story!

  18. Amy Deverson says:

    The food looks so good – it is presented so perfectly! Sounds like a great experience. x

  19. Emily Leary says:

    The presentation on all the dishes is a work of art, I’d honestly feel bad taking the first bite! I imagine the deliciousness of the food would help me feel better though 😀

  20. I don’t think I have ever seen any food quite as beautiful as this. You must have had an amazing time. I wouldn’t have wanted to destroy any of the creations put in front of me!

  21. Jenny says:

    How beautifully presented is that food?! It looks delicious

  22. Louise says:

    The presentation of these dishes is just exquisite! I would have loved to have visited the pop up restaurant had I known about it. I’m always out of the loop!

    Louise x

  23. What beautiful looking dishes and what a wonderful sounding evening.

  24. What a cool pop-up shop / restaurant. Love how the dishes have drawn inspiration from the wallpaper designs!

  25. Laura H says:

    Oh wow the presentation is AMAZING here! Would love to try the Oyster dish.

  26. What a creative way to marry up interiors and food. I’ve got my eye on the Origami dish but in fact I’d try them all!

  27. Sarah Ann says:

    I love all the themes dishes, so clever and creative! They look delicious.

  28. Pop up restaurants are the best – such a unique experience!

  29. I totally love well presented food! I am a foodie and enjoy things even more with visual presentation. I bet it was such a blast! I would love to a pop up restaurant experience like this too.

  30. Lubka Henry says:

    Very unique food presentation. I must say I absolutely love their plates 🙂

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