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Be My Valentine Gift Guide

Valentines Day doesn’t need to be the pressure filled day that you dread whether it be getting the perfect gift for your other half, or spending it alone because you’re single. Valentines is all about celebrating love right, well surely if you’re single it doesn’t exempt you from feeling love towards another person. This is my Valentines Gift Guide for the woman in your life, whether she’s your other half, your best friend, your mum or even yourself. Happy Valentines Day from me to me has a nice ring to it don’t you think.

As a beauty blogger and ex make up artist of course I would love to receive new make up, and bonus points for getting your girl one of her favourite brands, it’s a chance to prove how much you listen and pay attention whilst we’re explaining why we need a new lipstick that looks almost identical to 27 we already own.

So there I was thinking to myself what would I love to receive on Valentines Day and I may have stumbled on to Iconic London’s website. I’m obsessed with their highlighters but as they last so long I’m not in need of a top up right now. It wasn’t long before I found myself drooling over the Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette. Armed with a £10 off discount I couldn’t not treat myself, all in the name of Gift Guide research of course.

If the woman you’re buying for is new to your life and you know she likes make up but don’t know what to go for, why not be cute and get her heart shaped make up. Too Faced have a range of blushers, bronzers and highlighters which all come in cute heart shaped packaging. If you go into a Debenhams store armed with a photo of your girl, the make up artists on the counter would be able to advise you on the best one to get. Bonus points for them being total Instagram-able products.

Everyone has their signature scent and if you’ve noticed they are running low picking up their favourite perfume is always a winner. If you want to surprise them with a new scent then make sure you please do your research before hitting the fragrance aisle.

I used to work on the Fragrance department in Debenhams and the amount of people that would come in and go what’s good for a 18 year old boy, what’s good for a woman of your age? Yes we are there to help you and I can suggest a number of options but unless you give a little more information there’s a good chance it will just sit on the cupboard gathering dust.

My signature scent right now is Mon Guerlain by Guerlain which you can pick up from Debenhams in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Described by Guerlain itself as the tribute to today’ femininity, a strong, free and sensual scent, and remember with every Debenhams purchase you can collect your Beauty Points and treat yourself once they build up to monetary value.

If you’re worried about being too clique with chocolates and flowers why not shake things up and sign them up to a sweet subscription box like Treats Direct. For only £3.99 a month, with a current special offer of your first box being £2.49, you can have a surprise box of sweets delivered to their home or office.

For the amount you spend on most gifts you could sign them up for an entire year, and they can rate what sweets they like and dislike to make it more tailored to their tastes. Excuse the downer on love but if you break up before the subscription box is done it’ll be a great alternative for us to the ice cream we’re crying into or the prosecco we’re downing in celebration of being away from you. I like to cover all bases.

I made a vow with my best friend this year that we would book as many fun adventures and days out as we could afford and fit in. If you’re like us and would rather have something to look forward to than buying the same old present every year then look no further than Virgin Experience Days.

Browse through their extensive range of catergories and find a fun day out or overnight stay somewhere you both always wanted to go. They cover a range of locations and price points, splash out or treat the two of you to a Comedy Night for 2 for only £15 with optional upgrading for an additional fee. They also offer free exchanges so if you think you’re on to a winner and her face drops when she sees what you’ve picked you are sorted.

If you are buying someone underwear please for the love of god do some digging and find out their size. Don’t call them from the shop and randomly ask them their bra size, which is exactly what happened when I took my friend shopping for his girlfriends Christmas present, bet she was surprised on the day.

Boux Avenue have got some gorgeous sets and cater for all sizes with their DD+ range. I got the set pictured above two Christmases ago and I am a big fan of their sets, from sexy to comfort, they have it all. If the lady in your life loves a night in, whether it’s date night or movie night with her friends, have a look at their Nightwear range. They have cute slogan pyjamas, glamour nightwear and the cosiest looking robes, including a super cute giraffe one, and they currently have 50% off as a Valentines special offer.

As if I wasn’t going to have Prosecco on this list! I know what you’re thinking, Tanya if she drinks like you do and always have a bottle on reserve why would I need to treat her to an additional one. Well the answer to that is because she LOVES prosecco and you LOVE her and want to keep her happy and stocked up obviously!

It doesn’t have to be a bottle, prosecco themed presents are really popular right now. You can get Prosecco flavoured gummy bears and hard boiled sweets, plaques with Prosecco quotes, personalised Prosecco glasses, socks that say “If you can see this, bring me Prosecco” and so much more. Just don’t buy a true Prosecco lover Prosecco Pong, I could not be more offended by a game that makes my drink flat, literally the entire point of choosing Prosecco over Wine is the bubbles.

I am a big fan of personalised gifts, for usually a small amount extra your present has that wow factor and is all the more special. Starting from £5 JewelleryBox have a gorgeous range of delicate jewellery that can be personalised. One of those ranges is Karma Moments which I attended the launch party for 18 months ago and got my beautiful Twisted Heart Pendant with my blog name engraved inside. JewelleryBox give you the option to pick between multiple colours and styles, add birthstones or initials to a piece of jewellery, as well as an engraving that makes your piece into a lifelong keepsake.

If you want to go for something completely different why not get them a felt letter board and set it up with your favourite quote about love, or your favourite memory together before wrapping it up. GingerSnap have multiple sizes and colours of their felt letter boards, and they come with 350 white letters, numbers and symbols. Enclosed in an oak frame, which can be wall mounted or remain freestanding, you can hang it by the front door and leave a message saying “Have a great day gorgeous” or simply “I love you”. Sometimes it’s the smallest moments that can really make someone’s day.

This year I will be spending Valentines Day with two of my friends. We plan to pick up some of the meal deals from Marks and Spencer’s, alongside a bucket load of Prosecco of course, and curl up on the sofa watching movies and catching up on First Dates Hotel. I also will be going to a Lock & Key Speed Dating Party in Chelsea tomorrow which I’m both excited and nervous about as I don’t know what to expect, how will you be celebrating?

10 responses to “Be My Valentine Gift Guide”

  1. Loads of great ideas there, I think I need to send my hubby a link to your post. I’ll have one of everything please! lol Well, maybe not the prosecco, I’m one of very few people who doesn’t like it. Mich x

  2. Sarah says:

    These are really sweet ideas! I have loved the look of the heart shaped Too Faced makeup for a while now! It’s so pretty!

  3. Kara says:

    Some fabulous ideas here, I love experience days, we have had some fabulous ones recently

  4. Louise says:

    These are all brilliant gift ideas for Valentines Day. I haven’t been gifted jewellery in ages, so I would love to receive a necklace as beautiful as this one <3

    Louise x

  5. We are planning on celebrating in exactly the same way! Great gift ideas here, thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Helen says:

    These are such great ideas. I would love to get any of them and might even treat myself to some! I really love the felt board and Too Faced highlighters.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I love that eyeshadow palette! Such pretty colours! Could go a bottle of that prosecco too. 😉

  8. chichi says:

    I fancy myself the lace bra and the eyeshadow palette, you have some great items in the list!

  9. I love Jimmy Choo perfume – a proper treat for me! H 🙂

  10. Vicky Excell says:

    What could be better than Knickers and fizz. Just need a hunk and an open fire… (lol)

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