05, 03, 2018

Iconic London Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette

If you have been following me for a while then you will know that I am a massive fan of the Iconic London Illuminator, obsessed may be the word most would use. So it was no surprise that when I was emailed a discount code from Iconic London that I was more than happy to try out another product from their range, and I decided to treat myself to Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette.

Is there such a thing as having too many eyeshadow palettes, I think not! I couldn’t actually tell you how many palettes I have in total but I know it’s definitely a double digit figure. My favourite make up look to create is a smoky eye so any neutral palette is ideal for me but I’m always up for creating alternatives to the standard black that most people think of when you say smoky eye to them. I have created smoky eyes using purple shades, glitter overloads, and one of my main go to looks is a neutral smoky eye as they are so easy to transition from a daytime to nighttime look and as the palette name implies you can indeed go from Day to Slay with this palette.

I swatched the colours from the first to last row, left to right, on my arm without any primer and you can clearly see the pigmentation is very strong. There is a good mix of both matte and shimmer shades within the palette, and I think the colours it contains makes it the perfect palette to take with you whilst travelling as you can create a number of looks, both day and night looks.

In the first row you have In The Nude, a matte nude that is perfect as a base shade to create any look, followed by Champagne Chic, a subtle champagne gold that could be used as an all over colour. 24k Gold is one of the shades I took a instant shine to and use a lot of the time as my lid colour within a smoky eye but this could be used alone for a simple pop of colour, and Deep Soul is a deep chocolate matte, perfect for building colour in the outer V.

The second row begins with VIP Vibes, a rose gold shimmer that holds slightly more warmth than the first row gold shades, and Copper Mi Fancy is a stunning rusty copper metallic with strong pigmentation. Ultimate Tan is a rusty matter that works well within the crease and when used alongside Copper Mi Fancy, and Closing Party is a deep, sparkly beige that is perfect for amplifying your V with a bit of added shimmer.

On the third row we start with Bronze Bae, a bronzed gold with a hint of rust with a slight orange undertone, sitting next to Taupe D’Taupe, a darker nude that’s is perfect as a transition shade. Merlot Monday’s is a gorgeous pink hued berry shade, which reminds me of a shade from the Naked Heat that I love, and Velvet Crush, the deepest and darkest shade in the palette which has a real sultry vibe to it.

The fourth row begins with Peaches & Dreams, a creamy peach toned matte shade, and Peach Fizz, another amazingly pigmented shimmer shade. Can you tell I love a bit of shimmer, the blog isn’t called Glam GLITZ Gloss for nothing you know. Next along we have Bellini, a terracotta shade that works really well with Girl Boss and Merlot Monday’s to create a berry toned smoky eye. Finally Rags to Riches, which has similar undertones to Bellini and so together they create a lovely day time look, making your eyes pop without being too strong of a look for say work.

On the final row we start with my absolute favourite from the entire palette, Icon, a silver hued pink that sparkles like nothing else and basically makes me feel like I’m wearing the eyeshadow equivalent of diamonds. Next up is Marshmallow, the only shade that disappointed me, only because it’s such a light matte that I struggle to pick up the colour but that could be because I’m so pale that the lightness of it is lost on me. Wonderland is a show-stopping pink, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone if you are pale like me as it made me look like I’d been crying but paired with Girl Boss, a deep pink, and it suddenly elevates the look to a beautiful glitter pigmented dream.

Overall I am extremely happy with my palette and right now it is my go to for any look so I would definitely recommend it. Especially if I’m having to get ready elsewhere and so need to carry a palette with me, I have previously weighed down my bag carrying two or three palettes because I love a certain shade from each one whereas at home it’s much more realistic to do this as you can go to town across 100 palettes if you wanted to. I feel like I have everything I want in this palette and of course it looks amazing alongside my Shine Illuminator, what did I ever do before Iconic London came into my life.

11 responses to “Iconic London Day to Slay Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    OK I am loving the colours in that palette! They are right up my street, I have to admit I’ve not tried Iconic London so I need to try them and this is the perfect first I think.

  2. Laura Dove says:

    Oh I love this palette! These colours are exactly the shades I would wear, I love the golds!

  3. Kara says:

    I need this palette. It frustrates me when I only like a couple of shades but I would wear all of these

  4. I love the look of this palette it really reminds me of some of the Huda Beauty ones x

  5. jem says:

    I love more natural palettes like this one. It looks so pretty.

  6. Shoshana Sue says:

    Firstly the names of the shades are just so catchy, love it! Girl Boss looks like something I would finish in days. lol

  7. Linda says:

    Absolutely fabulous colours. I think girlboss is my favourite too. I note I’m not the only fan of that particular one.

  8. Beth Owen says:

    Such beautiful shades. I love the In The Nude shade, definitely my kind of shade.

  9. Louise says:

    Such lovely Colours I have blue eyes and recently bought bright red eye shadows and they look amazing!

  10. Danielle Martin says:

    What a great palette choice. the velvet crush is so totally something I would wear.

  11. Charli Bruce says:

    This palette is right up my street, might have to have a cheeky purchase x

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