06, 03, 2016

Vape Shoreditch Vape Pen and Flavours

Vape Shoreditch Vape Pen FlavourAs a friend of many “vapers” I have always been a little intrigued by the idea of Vape Pens, so when I was recently contacted by Vape Shoreditch to review one of theirs I jumped at the chance. I chose the Shoreditch Two because as stupid as it sounds it was the prettier one, I loved the slimline, sleek design and how it goes with my iPhone. Such a girl right!
Vape Shoreditch Vape PenVaping, or “electronic cigarettes” is a healthier alternative to smoking and can actually help smokers quit altogether. Vape devices use a battery and a heating element to heat e‑liquid into a vapour for you to inhale. The vape flavours come in 10ml bottles and in three different nicotine strength levels; 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.Vape Shoreditch Vape Pen FlavoursI was asked to chose 3 flavours from their selection of 21 e-liquid flavours, which are broken up into three catergories; Tobacco, Sweet and Fruit. I chose Tangerine, Menthol and Gummy Bear, and I love that instead of the after taste of a cigarette you have the hint of your chosen flavour. My favourite was the Tangerine, but my future choices would be Fruit Salad, Blueberry and Peach. Vape Shoreditch Vape PenSetting up and filling the vape pen is really easy, and there are step by step instructions to guide you through the process. Almost as easy as setting up monthly deliveries from the website, Vape Shoreditch are a regular service with no commitments or direct debits, you are able to pause, cancel and change your scheduled delivery date, and modify your flavour choices at any point by logging into your account. Vape Shoreditch Discount CodeThe Vape Pens retail at £19.99, and 3 10ml bottles of e-liquid are £9.99, but with my discount code TANYAH9145 you can get 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p including postage and packaging.

9 responses to “Vape Shoreditch Vape Pen and Flavours”

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve always been really interested in vape pens, but this one looks especially exciting and very snazzy! Love how many different flavours you can get – they all sound really cool! Great post and lovely photos x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  2. MakeUp Fun says:

    Which of the three flavours is your favorite?
    I’m interested in the menthol one. Are you a smoker?
    It would be nice to smoke some new interesting flavors rather than tobacco, plus people around you won’t force you to go out… it would be like you’re vaporising some incense through the house or diffusing some coo fragrance, but you’re smoking it.
    Love it!

    MakeUp Fun

    • Tanya says:

      My favourite was definitely the Tangerine flavour, I am a social smoker but I have had a number of my smoker friends use my discount code and it has helped them cut down their cigarette intake and some have even quit altogether

  3. Anca says:

    The flavours sound great and there are so many. I used to smoke Shisha, it has flavours too, but it’s not necessarily healthier than a normal cigarette. I’m glad you like it. xx

  4. Katykicker says:

    This looks really stylish and the flavours sound interesting too!

  5. Ickle Pickle says:

    I see these everywhere, I used to smoke but thank goodness gave up years and years ago. If it helps people give up then it has to be a good idea. Kaz x

  6. I’m not a smoker but several prior I know are using these & really like them.

  7. Tracey Bowden says:

    I’ve never smoked so have never needed to use one but I gave a lit of friends that do. They seem to prefer them now to regular smoking too

  8. Alice Project: Wanderlust says:

    Some of the flavours available now smell so good it could almost temp me to take up smoking!

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