15, 05, 2016

Big Easy Unlimited Boozy Brunch


IMG_1546-e1461859731625 (1)Big Easy is an American dining restaurant providing the tastes of the Southern States, and is based in Canary Wharf, Covent Garden and Kings Road, London. Alongside serving home-style lobster, ribs and chicken wings with big-screen daytime sport and live music at night, they have daily specials such as Lobster Fest, Unlimited Fajitas and Unlimited Boozy Brunch.
Big Easy Canary Wharf DinnerIMG_1548-e1461859990203Big Easy Canary Wharf Boozy Brunch ProseccoBig Easy Canary Wharf Big Pig Gig Big Easy Canary Wharf Lobster Macaroni Big Easy Canary Wharf Whole Lobster

I recently went to the Canary Wharf branch with fellow blogger Charli and five of our friends after getting very excited about the Unlimited Boozy Brunch, which is exclusive to Canary Wharf. This includes 2 hours of unlimited Big Easy Brew, Prosecco or House Wine, and a choice between The Big Pig Gig or Lobster Fest. The Big Pig Gig is basically a giant bowl filled with meat that you can request top ups of at any point, and the Lobster Fest allows you to choice either a whole fresh Lobster, Lobster Roll or Lobster Mac n Cheese, all for just £29.50.

Charli and I had already decided beforehand that we were going to get the Big Pig Gig and a whole Lobster and share them so we got the full experience from our visit. Our order ended up being two whole Lobsters, Lobster Mac n Cheese and four Big Pig Gigs. If you are attending in a large group and have all opted for the same drink, as we did, I would suggest requesting a bottle to be left on the table for you to fill your own glasses with until it’s empty. At one point the waiters were continuously being called to our table as we were all finishing our glasses at different times and although it made sense to have the bottle we did have to ask.

We were given bibs and lobster crackers so there was no worry of being a complete mess at the end. As an avid Prosecco drinker, I can definitely say they have a good one behind their spectacular looking bar, the whole restaurant is just kitted out beautifully. The food was absolutely delicious and was a winner with everyone, we will definitely be going again and I would recommend it to anyone considering. Please check the menus for each restaurant before booking as they all have slightly different offers and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed and I would definitely suggest booking in advance as they are a popular destination.

24 responses to “Big Easy Unlimited Boozy Brunch”

  1. Oh my, this looks an incredible place. I love lobster but don’t get to have it nearly enough. I only hope I remember this place next time I go down to London.

  2. Elodie says:

    Their lobster is so good and such good value too. I always go for this or their shrimp basket, but the Pork BBQ option looks delicious too!

    – Elodie x


  3. Corinne says:

    Ahh! I would love this, but it would be dangerous as I’d probably drink too much haha. I guess it’s a good job (though a bit disappointing) they don’t have a veggie option for those of us that get dragged along with meat eating friends!

    Corinne x

  4. Anosa says:

    I have been reading a lot about big easy and now I am eager to go check it out for myself because that lobster looks divine.

  5. This sounds right up my parents street, I wonder how much they could drink in 2 hours haha x

  6. StressedMum says:

    This looks an amazing place, and not a million miles away from me, think I am going to have to drop very unsubtle hints to my hubby :). He would love this place too x

  7. Sarah Bailey says:

    Oh wow this looks like a delicious place to stop for some food. I totally fancy trying it for myself. x

  8. Wow sounds like a great place to eat nad you get your moneys worth.

  9. If only I ate meat because this looks like a meat lovers paradise for sure! My friend is with me and is quite literally salivating on the screen.

  10. Oh my!! Made the mistake of reading this on my way home having had no dinner yet! It all looks so fantastic!!

  11. This is so my kind of food and it looks delicious! I defo need to check this out next time I am in London x

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  12. Liz Mays says:

    Oh fun! The food definitely looks good. Going to Big Easy for some lobster and live music sounds great.

  13. Leanne says:

    This looks amazing. Something my husband and I would be keen to do. Actually come to think of it I’m sure I have a few friends who would happily join us!

  14. Oh my word that looks delectable!! I want want want to go there now!

  15. Hannah says:

    The food looks delicious, never heard of this place but will definitely have to check it out!

  16. Rachel says:

    Oh wow! Ive been to The Big Easy in Covent Garden and just absolutely loved it x

  17. Laura H says:

    I’ll be working in Canary Wharf for a week this summer and would love to check it out whilst I’m there, the lobster looks amazing!

  18. This sounds so delicious and now I’m wanting some dinner! This has really got my taste buds going.

  19. This sounds great, I want to go try it with some friends now having read this.

  20. Amy Hunt says:

    MY goodness that sounds (and looks) amazing! I’ve always wanted to try properly made lobster, I’ve only had one before and it was cook from frozen, not the best. I’m so jealous!

  21. I love the Big Easy, and this sounds like an amazing idea! Thanks for the heads up – I will be going there soon x

  22. Charli Bruce says:

    I think we definitely need a trip back there as soon as possible, I am feeling another Big Pig Gig!

  23. jenna farmer says:

    What a great location- I love covent garden but i’ve never seen this place before!

  24. Agata says:

    Oh yes, the big pig gig sounds perfect to me. I am drooling here right now.

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