24, 08, 2013

YouTube Vlogging

Recently you might have noticed that I have been putting videos up on a YouTube channel I created, GlamGlitzGloss. I currently have three videos already up on my channel, and I have also filmed one that needs editing and have one that is edited which I will be putting up once I’m back from my holiday.

I like the idea of filming yourself doing challenges, as well as vlogging about your general day to day activities. I don’t have the most exciting things happening every day so there would be no point of me doing daily vlogs but I would like to get to the point where I upload a video every week, and including daily vlogs when I have something interesting happening… Because watching me on the bus to work or popping into Sainsbury’s is not the most thrilling way to spend an afternoon I can assure you.

I have not posted lots so far because to be honest I’m not happy in the way the videos have come out, and that is mainly to do with lighting and confidence. I know that I need to just go for it in front of the camera, be myself and don’t hold anything back but I spend my time filming worrying about the lighting or if I’m rambling too much or trying to hold back on the swear words because when you film yourself you notice things like how much you swear or how often you say a particular word.
So what do I need to do to improve things, firstly I am buying myself a Samsung F90 Camcorder in white, which is not only super cute but is on sale right now and should be great for vlogging. I was looking at cameras but I want to be able to see what you are all seeing when I’m filming so you don’t end up with a close up of my boobs or just one eye and the top of my head are in the shot.
Next, I was actually lucky enough to get the Softbox Lighting lamp that I had on my birthday wishlist. I had it saved in my eBay watch list for quite a while now and when my Uncle asked me what I wanted for my birthday I sent him my watch list and asked for some money towards the items and he ordered it for me instead 🙂 Now when filming indoors I can be a lot more confident about my lighting and this will hopefully take some of the pressure off myself when I spend my time worrying about everything. Only problem is I just need to figure out where I’m going to store it.
Wish me luck with my vlogging, and if anyone has recently made the decision to start up their own YouTube channel, I would love you to leave your link in the comments and let’s go on this YouTube journey together

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  1. Kirsty says:

    I totally know how you feel, i have just started my youtube channel as well, I toyed with the idea of it for so long and I filmed a million videos before I posted one! But I think it is getting easier. I am hoping to get a new camera and I have some lighting in my ebay watch list for purchase at the end of the month. Im off to check out your channel!

    kirsty x

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