06, 10, 2013

Vaseline Deodorant

has added a new addition to their amazing range, their own line of deodorants, and I was so happy to get to try them out as I am a big fan of their other products like the Lip Therapy range and the Intensive Rescue Soothing Hand Cream.

There are four different deodorants; Aloe Fresh, Derma Beauty, Active Fresh and Double Invisible, and they will be retailing at £1.86 each, available nationwide.

My favourite from the collection is Double Invisible. I hate to think that I’ll spray deodorant and then have to change because I’ve ended up with marks on my clothes so I usually go for anything that says invisible on the bottle, but this one not only does what it says on the label but it also smells so good!


I love that the bottle are quite plain but have simple touches that whilst looking through shelves of deodorants they will catch your eye. I would definitely recommend them, and have sadly had to part with Dove which I had been using up until receiving these.

Have you tried any of the Vaseline deodorants yet? Which one appeals to you the most?

2 responses to “Vaseline Deodorant”

  1. They look good, I'm always trying new deodorant think these will be the next one I try.


  2. I always go for invisibles ones because I'm paranoid I'll end up with white marks and the second I smelt it I fell in love, it smells really nice xx

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