06, 02, 2014

Top 5 Thursday: MeMeMe Cosmetics Products

This week’s chosen topic is MeMeMe Cosmetics, and here’s my top 5 pieces right now;
Elektra Hot Magenta Lipstick, £8.50
Hemera Coral Cloak Lipstick, £8.50
Isis Berry Crush Lipstick, £8.50
Thalia Morello Silk Lipstick, £8.50
Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Base, £15
One of my favourite products EVER has to be Seventh Heaven, I literally adore it! It glides on skin smoothly and can be worn with or without make up, but if you are using as a base then it only takes around 2 minutes to dry and make up sits so well on top of it… But the best part is the scent; lemon, orange, lime and mandarin. It. Is. Divine! Sometimes I just open the pot and sniff it like a right weirdo.
Oh what a shock, the rest of my Top 5 are lipsticks! I haven’t used MeMeMe’s lipsticks before but whilst browsing on their site these were the colours that caught my eye. At the moment everything is on sale too, sadly I can’t tell you till when, but the lipsticks are only £6.50 and Seventh Heaven is just £10. Well what are you waiting for, go get them 🙂
Are you a fan of MeMeMe, what is your favourite product or what would you like to try from them?

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