20, 02, 2014

Top 5 Thursday: Knomo Bags

 This week’s chosen topic is Knomo Bags, the k is silent, and here’s my top 5 pieces from their line;
Devonshire Flap Open Shoulder Bag, £249
Lille Laptop Satchel, £195
Mortimer Soft Laptop Briefcase, £99
Scala Wheeled Business Bag, £239
Great Portland Zip Shoulder Tote, £119
I recently attended an event held by Bloggers Love called Brand Speed Dating and one of the brands I got to meet was Knomo and they definitely ticked my box! I fell instantly in love with the Great Portland quilted black shoulder bag and wanted nothing more than to leave it but sadly they did not see this as the great idea that I did. It is superbly made, and I love that although it is a plain black bag, the inside is a gorgeous red as is the inside of the outside pocket, which is large enough to hold your phone and keys. I love the idea that you have a whole section just for your laptop and is therefore safe from any other items you want to carry you, no more worry of keys scratching it or having to be a bag lady with it completely separate. Looks like I have some saving up to do!
Knomo began back in 2004 after the owners “searched for a bag, designed to protect a laptop, hold and organise everything we need, while looking smart and stylish, but couldn’t find anything” so they gave up their day jobs and decided to open their own company to create such a bag. Knomo comes from the merge of the words knowledge and mobility, and their symbol is the stylish, well-travelled, intelligent and independent fox.
As well as laptop and weekend bags, Knomo also sell ipad sleeves, phone cases and accessories, and every bag has it’s own unique ID which you can register online after buying and if you ever lost your bag and it’s handed in then Knomo can reunite you with it free of charge. They also have a stunning Menswear collection too so this is not just one for the ladies.
What do you think of the Knomo collection? What’s your favourite bag from their line?

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