04, 03, 2013

The Gloss: My Make Up Storage

Last year my Nan gave me this storage box, from WHSmith, that she bought but realised she didn’t really have much use for. I seemed to have make up breeding all over my room so this was perfect as not only does it have loads of space, but it also has the separate drawers so I can sort the make up into different types and know where to look for particular items. I do have to sadly admit though that not everything fit inside, and I have still got a lot of items in a large box that has no system to it whatsoever.

The top row has three drawers that are not very deep, but still fit in a lot of products. It just helps if you don’t have an overload of products, as you might have noticed that the shelves have slightly caved in on themselves where I have put so much in the drawers, who knew make up weighed so much. The first drawer has eye products, such as mascara, eyeliner and a few odd make up brushes have ended up in there. The second drawer is also eye products but just eyeshadows, and the third drawer is lipsticks and lipglosses.

The second row has two drawers that are a lot larger than the top row, so the first drawers holds some of my nail polish collection, but you have seen from my Nail Polish Collection, Part One and Part Two, that this is not even a quarter of my entire collection. The rest are in the mix up box, in random drawers, on the side, all over the place! Any ideas for where I can keep it all? The second drawer holds a number of my palettes, including VIVO and MUA Cosmetics Palettes and I have also popped a few eyelashes and false nails packs in there too.

The bottom is just a complete and utter mix up and the only similarity the products have are that they are larger products, including eyelashes, Dermalogica products and face paints… Although my smaller StarGazer UV paints are in the Nails drawer. I’m starting to see a pattern here; I started out with a specific idea for each drawer but I ended up with random bits in each of them, oops.

I really could do with going on a make up spending ban, especially as I am self-confessed make up novice yet I seem to have make up coming out of my ears, there is just so much of it. Every drawer or cupboard I open I seem to find something new or that I haven’t seen in a while, I definitely do NOT need to buy any more nail polish but I just get sucked in by all the pretty colours. I need a 24 hour make up supervisor.

Where do you store your make up? Any tips on how I can store my nail polish would be great, I must have at least 50 different polishes

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  1. Christina L says:

    I love seeing how people store their make-up as everyone's so unique! I wrote a post a while ago about where I store mine!
    I use a cabinet from IKEA 🙂


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