25, 02, 2013

The Glitter: My Nail Polish Collection, Part Two

Another nail wheel filled and I swear I’m not even half way through my nail polish collection, what is wrong with me? Could someone please find me a way to kick my nail polish addiction, although once again I’m going to try and grow my nails now that I am taking my false nails off, wish me luck.

 1. Rochelle, The Saturdays Magnetism FashionistA
2. Mint Green, Barry M
3. Aqua Violet, Models Own
4. Disco Mix, Models Own
5. Mystic Mauve, Models Own
6. Tickled Pink, Models Own
7. Pink Lady, Models Own
8. Lili’s Pink, Models Own
9. Pink Sorbet, Models Own
10. Unknown Shade, nailgirls
11. U&I, MUA Love Hearts
12. I WANT YOU, MUA Love Hearts
13. Vanessa, The Saturdays Magnetism FashionistA
14. Unknown Shade, La Femme Beauty
15. Unknown Shade, MUA Cosmetics
16. Polish 311, Star Gazer
17. Chrome 233, Star Gazer
18. Marina, Zoya
Firstly, I do apologise for the three unknown shades but since photographing the polishes I have misplaced those so I am unable to list their name currently but I have put the brand they are by. This does show just how bad my collection is that I have managed to lose some since taking their pictures.
I have no idea how many more wheels I am going to fill up but every time I look through my collection it’s as if they’ve had babies and more have appeared out of thin air, I reckon I’m going to be able to fill at least another two more… Maybe three. Ahhh, someone stop me! My favourites from this selection are Aqua Violet, Disco Mix and Mystic Mauve. How about you?

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