15, 03, 2013

The Glitter: My Nail Polish Collection, Part Three

Another nail wheel filled and I still have a selection of polishes left to add to another wheel, seriously what is wrong with me, has anyone worked it out yet? The only bonus to having such a large collection and going through all the colours is that it is definitely encouraging me to stick to not biting my nails, I can actually confirm I am still going strong and I have just re-painted my nails for the fourth time since removing my false nails.

1. Atlantic Road, Textured Barry M
2. Glisten, 17
3. Purple Mist, MUA Fairy Dust
4. Rose Dust, MUA Fairy Dust
5. Tawny Port, Technic

6. Pink Chiffon, China Glaze

7. Barbie Pink, w7
8. Shocking Pink, w7
9. Ballet Slippers, Essie


10. Grapefruit, Gelly Hi-Shine Barry M
11. Pomegranate, Gelly Hi-Shine Barry M
12. Plum, Gelly Hi-Shine Barry M
13. Prickly Pear, Gelly Hi-Shine Barry M
14. To Buy Or Not To Buy, Essie

15. Tour De Finance, Essie

16. Orange, It’s Obvious, Essie
17. Super Bossa Nova, Essie
18. Braziliant, Essie
I am currently Shocking Pink by w7 and my nails are slowly getting longer and stronger, I have not put any pictures up yet because I am not the best at putting polish yet and it’s not the best thing to look at right now, but the longer I go without biting the better I’m getting. Practise makes perfect as they say. Once I have got better at applying polish I will pop a picture up of my nail progress.

4 responses to “The Glitter: My Nail Polish Collection, Part Three”

  1. Mia. says:

    I love Barry M nail polishes, the plum colour looks gorgeous! I might have to pick that up next. 🙂 x

  2. I put it on and was like ahhh it's so dark and changed my mind haaa, need to sike myself up for it xx

  3. Adela says:

    I love BarryM and Essie nail polishes too. You've got some great colours in your collection.
    Adela x


  4. I'd love to buy more Essie polishes but they're quite expensive, I wait for them to go on ebay and Fragrance Direct 🙂 xx

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