21, 02, 2013

The Glitter: My Nail Polish Collection, Part One

Although I bite my nails and have to get false ones put on to make them look pretty I seem to have an overwhelming collection of nail polishes, I think I get sucked in by the glitter and pretty colours, and the deals that I wander past in Superdrug.I decided to do a post on my collection of nail polishes, including swatches of all the polishes, and maybe it will give me the push I need to finally stop biting. This wheel started out as a pink wheel but I got half way through and ran out of pink, completely forgetting about the brand new polishes I had just bought from Models Own so it ended up being a mix up.

1. Strawberry Ice Cream, Barry M
2. Razzle Dazzle, Deborah Lippmann
3. Shade 12, MUA Cosmetics
4. Pink Chiffon, China Glaze
5. Shade 319, Star Gazer6. Come To Poppy, O.P.I
7. I Lily Love You, O.P.I
8. Play With Peonies, O.P.I
9. Be A Dahlia Won’t You, O.P.I10. Gold Shatter, O.P.I Shatter Polish
11. Purple Nail Effects, O.P.I Shatter Polish
12. Shiver Nail Quake, MUA Cosmetics Shatter Polish
12. Underlay Berry Ice Cream, Barry M
13. Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M14. Lilac Foil, Barry M
15. Blue Polish, Primark
16. Shocking Pink, Barry M
17. Tate, Nails Inc
18. Bubblegum, Models Own

How many nail polishes do you own, and do you have a favourite within the ones I have posted? My favourites are Be A Dahlia Wont You, Shocking Pink, Bubblegum and Lilac Foil. I couldn’t pick just one!

7 responses to “The Glitter: My Nail Polish Collection, Part One”

  1. Thank you for following Lauren, I got the nail wheels from ebay. A pack of 10 for around £2 🙂 Bargain!

    Thanks for leaving your link xx

  2. Those blue colours are amazing for summer!

    Thanks 🙂 Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

  3. Snap, I am a nail polish addict too. Lovely colours!!! http://www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Amy says:

    I'm addicted too, I have over 60 polishes but I still want more! I love the look of bubblegum from models own, their polishes are fab x


  5. These look gorgeous, such lovely shades. I really want one of these colour wheels! xxx

  6. Charlotte: Hopefully I'll have long nails by summer to wear them 🙂

    Adora: I'd love to know what happened that made me an addict hehe

    Amy: I can't even count mine, every time I think I have them all together they seem to breed and more appear out of nowhere

    Laura: Get on ebay, they sell multipacks of them for really cheap, I might need some more :O

    Chloe: Off to have a look at your blog now 🙂

    Thank you all for your comments 🙂 xxx

  7. Maria Sself says:

    Ahhh, I'm super jealous – you have SOO many and they're ALL just amazing♥♥♥

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