11, 02, 2013

The Glamour: Versatile Blogger Award

Look my little blog getting two different awards, and it is hasn’t even been around too long, I couldn’t be happier. Today I’m thanking the lovely Erinn from Erinn’s Beauty Blog for awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award.

Post 7 facts about yourself
Nominate the bloggers you want to pass the award onto

My 7 Facts
1. I was a gymnast for Millwall football club, until I nearly broke my nose during practise, had a row with my teacher and refused to go back.
2. I am fluent in sarcasm and banter, and have perfected the art of quick comebacks over the years.
3. I only learnt how to boil an egg in 2010, yet I could cook a full on roast dinner long before that.
4. I love fancy dress, but I prefer to make my own outfit or give it a fun twist so I don’t look like anyone. My best one was when a friend and I went to a 2wentys reunion and I made us a full costume out of a Twister mat and spinner board.
5. If I cry at something I have no way of hiding it because I get two very small red lines, about the length of a 5p, come up underneath and just to the left of my left eye, so anyone who knows me knows that I’m upset.
6. I had imaginary friends for longer than most so that I didn’t have to feel alone. I would come up with imaginary situations so that I had a way to entertain myself when bored.
7. I am a complete make up novice, yet I have a make up collection to rival a make up artists. Shopping issues!

My Nominated Bloggers
♥ Emilie Emilie The Hackett

♥ Andrea RosyChicc
♥ Seraphina Little Miss Lifestyle
♥ Rachael 5’1 is the new 6’2

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