18, 05, 2013

The Girl: Personalised iPhone Case

I finally decided to made the move from Blackberry to iPhone, and on the 1st May my brand new iPhone 5 arrived looking all shiny and new.

I am completely in love with it, and I’m already obsessed with Instagram. I have just bought ‘A Beautiful Mess’ an app that let’s you edit your photos and as an avid picmonkey fan I have high hopes.
It’s been two weeks but I finally got around to ordering myself a phone case. I knew I wanted a personalised one after seeing a few bloggers put pictures up of theirs and my friend Hannah has a personalised case too.

And here it is, it arrived yesterday! I am completely in love with it. I ordered it from a site called PhotoBox, and I’m very impressed with the quality.

The site lets you chose how many pictures you want to have, the amount of space the picture takes up and they pictures continue round the side of the case too. I think I’ll be ordering another with some different pictures as I just couldn’t decide between so many and I didn’t want them too small so watch this space because pictures will definitely go up if I do 🙂

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  1. My friend had one but she paid a lot for it from America but I found PhotoBox after having a hunt on Google and found this for a bargain price 😀

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