06, 02, 2013

The Girl: Newcastle Weekend

So after my incessant counting down my weekend to Newcastle finally arrived, and now I’m home wishing I never had to leave. I have only been to Newcastle once before but I fell in love with it then and this just furthered my love, I was hoping that my friend Danielle that lives there would just turn up at my hotel and kidnap me and force me to stay 🙂

I stayed at the Quayside Premier Inn and had a river facing room so I have a lovely view from my window, but I took this photo on one of the nearby bridges as I didn’t want all the glare. Isn’t it lovely!

The main reason for going to Newcastle was to attend a VIP Night in support of Danielle and her new business, Naturally Beautiful Products. A local Lingerie company were having their opening night party in a club called Fat Buddha and as Dani’s business cards were going to be in the goodie bags we were offered one of the few VIP tables for the night.

We had a bottle of Champagne and a large bottle of Vodka waiting for us on the table and had half naked men serving us, maybe if you’re all good I might even pop a picture up :p Six of us attended and had a fabulous night, including someone doing the splits next to the table, not intentionally, a somersault into her seat, nipple licking, and many more crazy things that can only happen when you’ve got free drinks… It’s all the clubs fault honest!

As my dress choice for the evening was quite loud with the zebra print and sheer sections I did not want to go too out there with my make up so I used a selection of brown and golds from my MUA Immaculate Collection Palette on my eyes and paired it with my Bella Pierre Mascara. I added some Eye Rocks Crystal Eye Tattoos to give a little sparkle and finished with a coral Givenchy lipgloss. I always turn to the gloss!

I had an amazing weekend and I could ramble away about it for hours but I won’t bore you all too much so I’ll stop there… for now 😛 and leave you with these treats. A Drunk Moi + My Camera Timer + My Geordie Makeover = A Lovely Selection Of Photos. Oh dear 🙂

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    Samuel, you should definitely get a Newcastle night out planned, I would pack up everything and run off there if I could

  5. This looks really fun! Really fancy a night out in Newcastle

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