27, 02, 2013

The Girl: London Fashion Weekend

On Sunday I attended London Fashion Weekend for the fourth time. I love the whole experience you get of attending, such a world away from regular day to day life and I already have convinced a number of people to come with me the next time in September. I usually have a discount code for tickets too so keep an eye out in the run up to September and you might be able to get some bargain tickets too.

This year there was two catwalk shows, Designer and Trend, I attended the Designer catwalk which showcased the Spring/Summer 2013 line from Louise Gray. If you can’t attend London Fashion Week then I would definitely recommend attending the weekend and make sure you get a catwalk ticket because it was amazing to watch… Even if you can’t afford any of the clothes. I got some great pictures and I will be showing you in a future post.

Of course the main point of London Fashion Weekend is the shopping! Have you ever been to Somerset House, or seen it in a picture? It’s massive and the entire West and East Wing are dedicated to shopping for the weekend, two floors worth of designer goods at a reduced price.

There is a Vodafone Live Lounge where they have talks with a number of different people that you can attend and I happened to wander past the room just as the Blogging 411 talk began with Emily Johnston Fashion Foie Gras. I got to meet her after the chat and ask her a question about blogging, and she is lovely, I was a little starstruck! But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you guys, I got the whole session on film and I’ll be posting on my YouTube page soon.

I didn’t buy as much as I normally do but I still managed to come home laden down with bags, and I’m sure I still spend as much as normal, but with such amazing discounts how can you resist! I will be doing a future post on my outfit, that you can see a little sneaky peek of there, and on the goodies I picked up.
Did you attend Fashion Weekend or do you plan on going in the future?

4 responses to “The Girl: London Fashion Weekend”

  1. Steph Lau says:

    AWESOME i'm slightly envious..

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  3. Maria Sself says:

    This is really exciting! I would LOVE to watch that video (thank you for thinking about us;-) and of course to see what you got there. Yay!

  4. Hannah, I will be going again in September and I've already got two more people who want to tag along, you should really try and get down for it. If you book in advance for train tickets you should get them cheaper 🙂

    Maria, I am trying to upload it right now but it is taking ages because it is 15 minutes long so hopefully it won't be much longer

    Thank you all for your comments xxx

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