01, 07, 2013

The Girl: Instagram Holiday Pictures, Part Two

holiday pictures. I have very strange feelings about these posts because I am excited to show everyone all about my holiday, but at the same time it is making me very depressed looking back over them because all I want to do is go and relive the whole experience right now. Like literally right this very second! Anyone up for covering the bill for me?

The Yeti of Katmandu
Mini Golf at Katmandu
Save a horse. Ride a cowboy. At… You guessed it, Katmandu
Ghetto bad man innit dough, you get me blood
The amazing rib burger from Katmandu
We spent many a day fighting over that babe
We got free breakfast but some days we did not want to leave the room so ta da
Jamming on the balcony with more Apple Schnapps
Selfie whilst waiting for the bus to Pirates Reloaded
Pirates Reloaded dancer
Pirates Reloaded acrobats
Sunbathing on a pedalo
BCM Washing Machine Party
Free BCM gift; Made In UK, Destroyed In Magaluf top
Free BCM gift; Cock Cup

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