27, 06, 2013

The Girl: Instagram Holiday Pictures, Part One

My name is Tanya Howard and I am an Instagram Addict. There I said it, huge sigh of relief everyone. I have only had my iPhone two months and I am obsessed, how did I cope before… Well I scared people in the street with Charli’s voice notes, so at least now I get less worrying looks from strangers. I got a bit Instagram happy on holiday so I am going to do a series of posts with my pictures. For anyone who doesn’t know I went to Magaluf for two weeks at the beginning of June with Charli and had the best time. Here’s the first batch;

The most amazing shoulder of lamb, from our favourite restaurant Brisas
The view from our pedalo, love my leopard print Lipsy sunglasses
Chilling on the balcony in our first room
Trip to the beach to rent a pedalo, pedalo obsessed
How clear is that water
The day when we drifted out so far it ended up a full on workout to get back to shore
Our first drinks; Apple Schnapps and Blackcurrant Sourz
Apple Schnapps Love! Only €4 for a massive bottle
Charli and her date for the evening, we’re ghetto bruv
New Call It Spring heels
First round in Crystals Bar, Fucking Mentals and Sex On The Beach
Standard night in Mambos; giant snake wrapped round the dancer
The fruit and vegetables have some sort of mutant growing power
First home made meal, oh yeah we cooked… Well Charli did
Frigo Pie, the ice cream foot

2 responses to “The Girl: Instagram Holiday Pictures, Part One”

  1. Louisejoyb says:

    hahah you're not the only one addicted to instagram! Lovely holiday photos, I'm dreaming of the day the sunshine returns here! Though I am a little confused by the ice cream foot?!

    Louise x

  2. It's toxic isn't it hehe. The ice cream foot was SOOO nice, strawberry flavoured. Although it is the strangest thing to lick an ice cream foot xx

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