01, 03, 2013

The Girl: Gymnastic Groupie

When I was younger I used to love Gymnastics and I was a member of Millwall Football Club’s Gymnastics team until I moved to Kent and joined a different team, but when the start times got earlier and earlier I was just not up for getting up so early and gave up, and I needed the time to focus on the Performing Arts School I attended outside of regular school.

The Olympics renewed my love for gymnastics and I had a hunt around for an adult class and I have finally found one that does not clash with work, and I will be starting tonight at 8.30 🙂 I’m very excited, although I’m worried about what state I’ll be in doing it as I used to be a natural so to go back to basics will be quite strange, wish me luck!

Does anyone have any experience with Adult Gymnastics Clubs?

2 responses to “The Girl: Gymnastic Groupie”

  1. Maria Sself says:

    Oh, this is an amazing idea! can't wait to hear how it goes;-)))

  2. AIMEROSE says:

    Such a cute blog! Have a nice day!

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