18, 02, 2013

The Geek: HMV Haul

I have seen so many people post about the bargains they have picked up in HMV lately, so when Mum mentioned she was going to the shopping centre that I knew had HMV I jumped at going with her. I ended up spending £50 but what a bargain; 5 DVDs and 7 CDs for just £50!

2 responses to “The Geek: HMV Haul”

  1. Jade Hardy says:

    That's a good haul for £50! My HMV is a shambles now everything is reduced so I've given up on it, all I wanted was Glee season 3 but the rest of Loughborough had beaten me to it boooo! xx


  2. Oh no 🙁 That's a shame, I love Glee but it was enough of a bargain price for me hehe xx

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