14, 10, 2013

So…? Fragrance Girls Night Out

So…? Fragrance recently threw a Girls Night Out event at The Penthouse in Leicester Square, and I attended with Rosie from Vous Souriez. After nearly 20 successful years selling their Fragrance products, last year they branched out into Haircare with a range of Dry Shampoos.

There are four different Dry Shampoos; Lovely, Fabulous, Glamorous and Va Va Voom. We got a lovely goodie bag from the event and I got the So…? Lovely Dry Shampoo which smells like apples. It retails at £2.99 but is currently on offer at half price on Fragrance Direct.


So…? have an amazing 16 different fragrances and I remember using the original when I was a teenager, it was one of the first perfumes I got bought and I had the set including the body spray and So…? make up bag. I got the In Love perfume and it has a lovely fruity scent which I always go for when choosing a perfume, this particularly has top notes of orange, raspberry and pear.


So…? Exclusive is their A-List perfume that is their most expensive product, but at £10.49 it is still a bargain buy. Most perfumes retail at the £40 mark these days so one of my favourite things about So…? is that they continue to make a wide range of scents and manage to keep them retailing at bargain prices. I found Exclusive to be quite a musky scent but you I could slightly smell the orange tones that it has, but I personally prefer In Love but that’s just because like I said I prefer more prominent floral scents. My Mum though was a big fan of this scent.


Have you tried So…? Fragrance before? What is your favourite scent?

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