04, 01, 2015

New Years Eve

My New Years Eve plans came together very last minute as I was waiting for one of my best friends to come home from Cape Town so we literally finalised everything the very day before, and sadly I couldn’t spend it with Charli because of the distance for her to travel but we’re on holiday together in 133 days so we’ll make up for it, not that we’re keeping check or anything.

I had to work over New Years as I had time off over Christmas so I didn’t want to go anywhere too far or expensive as I don’t agree with the fact that pubs you’d go to on any old day hike up their drinks prices AND charge entry. I ended up going to Slug & Lettuce in Beckenham with Amy and Sam, which is one of our favourites right now anyway. There was no entry fee, they had their usual offer of Buy One Get One Free on all cocktails on and it was open until 3am so we were all very happy to go there.
We began our night as any night should be, with pre drinks. We had a bottle of Prosecco and cheers to our night out and our friendship, and had a few more pre drinks before getting dropped off by Amy’s Dad, lucked out there! I wore a Cut Out Capped Sleeve Belted Playsuit from Boohoo with Black High Vamp Cross Ankle Strap Peep Toe Heels from New Look, and a simple pearl necklace from Jersey Pearl with of course my Swarovski ring that never leaves my finger.

There was supposed to an Alice In Wonderland in Slug for New Years but it ended up just being a few random mushrooms around the room and a couple of the staff in fancy dress, so luckily we didn’t go all out with the theme. It wasn’t overly busy which was nice because there wasn’t a major wait at the bar or overcrowding on the dance floor and we ended up finding one of the boys we used to work with and ended up spending a lot of the night with his crowd.

We left about 2 in the morning as I had to be in work at 10, and I already knew I’d be hanging after all the Sex On The Beach cocktails and a reminiscing my childhood moment with a WKD. I only actually spent £30 on the entire night, including the cab as we had a promo code for the Uber Cars app and saved £10 off our journey, so that was a definite win!

Hope everyone had a great New Years, and cheer’s to a fantastic 2015!

3 responses to “New Years Eve”

  1. Charli Bruce says:

    So sad I couldn't be there but I'm glad you had an amazing time! 133 days <3

  2. It seems like you had an amazing time! Great blog, just found it!!
    Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  3. Charli – We're now in the 120s on the countdown, I want to go now! xx

    Brenda – Thank you, it was a great night. Hope yours was too xx

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