23, 07, 2014

Christmas In July

Who thought I’d be thinking about Christmas in the middle of July, a month before my birthday no less with another 5 months until the actual event itself. But PR companies and brands are out in force presenting their Christmas lines for bloggers and press to preview. Don’t worry I’m not about to hit you with a ton of Christmas posts just yet, I’ll let it get a little bit closer but here’s a little preview of some of the exciting things that you might want to add to your Christmas list, they’re all already on mine!

Fujifilm Instax Camera and Printer
Spinal Gem Rose Gold Holts Ring
Co-Op Scallops in Garlic Butter
Breast Cancer GHD Straightners
Argos Love Ring and Bracelet
JCM London Friendship Bracelets
With companies realising how influential the blogging community has become, these events have changed from the days when only top magazines would be invited and it would be the time to beg them to feature their products over others in the run up to Christmas.
This was the first year that I have attended Christmas In July, but you could feel the positive energy and excitement from the companies because they had bloggers attending which the made the experience so much more enjoyable, aside from one that for now shall remain nameless that clearly did not care for bloggers. On attending their event I was actually blatantly ignored and disregarded because I wasn’t anyone important in their opinion. Well you’ve just ruined being featured haven’t you, no loss to me, just more time to focus on the lovely brands and products I got to see elsewhere.

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