11, 04, 2014

Alice & Eliza Cherry Blossom Candle

Are you.a candle lover? Do you adore the scent of Cherry Blossoms? Answer yes to both questions, then you NEED the Alice & Eliza Cherry Blossom candle in your life!

Retailing at just £5 it is not just a complete bargain, but it also comes in the cutest packaging. How many candles do you have sitting on the side in a plain holder, or have you had to go out and specifically look for appealing candle holders, which I’m sure is not at the top of your wishlist.

I’m intrigued as to when it’s finished if I can clean out the tin and keep it to store stuff in, I’m one of those horders who has pots of little trinkets everywhere so I’m always happy to add a new one to the collection. Get yourself to Marks and Spencer’s to buy it yourself, or to look at the rest of the Alice & Eliza line which includes bath and body products.

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