30, 09, 2013

A Cheeky Purchase

It was my Mum’s birthday a few days ago and I bought her a camera as her one is starting to give up on her, with the shutter no longer closing, so it’s only a matter of time before it went altogether. I looked on Very at the cameras and put the Nikon S2750 in red in my basket, but decided whilst on the site I would have a look for myself as I have my lovely DSLR but I don’t have a small compact camera.
I browsed through the different cameras, not really paying too much attention until the Samsung MV900F MultiView Smart Camera caught my eye, I was instantly in love! The flip-out screen rotates 180°, and has a touch display. It shoots videos at 1080p using 16.3 megapixels, and you can take photos whilst filming and view both at the same time. I can upload my pictures and videos straight to Facebook, other social networks or email them with the built in Wi-Fi. There are a number of different photo and video editing suites installed that I can use without needing to upload anything to the laptop.
I was away last week but I came home very late Friday to find it had already been delivered and now I just wish I had a reason to use it. It is perfect for vlogging but this week consists of work, work and a bit more work with a quick theatre trip chucked in the middle so maybe I could try using then otherwise it’s being saved for when an event comes up or a more exciting day comes about.
What do you think of our new cameras, are there any you are lusting over right now? I was originally in love with the Nikon NX1000 before finding this beauty.

5 responses to “A Cheeky Purchase”

  1. Abbie Tanner says:

    That's such a nice present 🙂 lovely blog too xx


  2. Heidi-likes says:

    Ooh great gift, I love trying out new cameras – hoe you get on well with it 🙂 x


  3. Fab camera, I've always liked the look of this one.



  4. Thanks ladies, Mum was so pleased with her camera and I am loving my little beauty and keep playing with it xx

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