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    Where Have You Been Girl?

    Happy October everyone, does anyone else feel like this year has just flown past. Over the past few months I’ve neglected the blog to an extent but not because I’ve given up on it and not because I don’t want to blog anymore. Since writing Things End But Memories Last Forever, my last three month update, I’ve being really busy with blog events, some big milestones in both mine and my friends lives, a number of celebrations, and a new adventure in the form of a second blog that I am slowly taking over. So it ties in nicely that my latest update will not only tell you what I’ve been up to recently but also why it’s been a bit quiet here. Read more

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    Birthday Wishlist

    Nars Adoration Blush, Spectrum The Glam Clam Set, Urban Decay Moondust Palette It’s exactly 4 weeks today until my birthday…

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    Birthday Haul

    It was my birthday on Monday and my amazing family and friends really spoiled me, and I still have two presents to…

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    It’s My Birthday

    Happy Birthday To Me On 18 August 1988 at 23.43, a gorgeous baby girl was born… That’s me :p And today I…

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    My Birthday Wishlist

    In 6 days I will be turning the grand old age of 25, quarter of a century, but as the old saying…