Would An Arm Lift Affect Muscle Mass

An arm lift is also known as a Brachioplasty. It is a surgical operation that is carried out on people with saggy, droopy arms due to various factors like age, genetics, and weight loss. The procedure leaves a person with a better-looking arm after the removal of excess fat. Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgery that is usually sought by people who need to meet certain psychological and emotional needs. It might be that you wish to wear sleeveless clothes or show off your arms but you cannot because they are flabby and loose.

This surgery is normally carried performed on persons of age 18 years and above with a mature outlook. Such people also have realistic results expectation. The patient should have an ideal weight before the surgery as losing weight drastically later can make the results void and lead to more loss of skin. Brachioplasty normally leaves a scar, and thus, it is important to ask the doctor whether the procedure suits you. Sometimes, you might be able to tone and firm the upper side of your arm through liposuction on its own or through an exercise program.

Who is an ideal Candidate for Brachioplasty?

To qualify as a candidate for an arm lift, you must:

  • Be healthy and free of medical conditions that interfere with the healing process like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Also, it cannot be carried out on people with weak immune systems.
  • Be an adult with excessive loose skin over your arm
  • Be willing to maintain the skin tone and fat that will be left under the skin once the surgery is completed. This can be achieved by doing exercises continuously as failure to this might see you getting undesired fat deposits in other areas.
  • Be an adult with stable weight and not be obese. This is the reason Brachioplasty is not done on children as their weight keeps on fluctuating as they grow.

Arm lift results are long-lasting as long as you maintain a steady weight afterward. Expect to see the same results as you imagined before the surgery. However, anyone who combines this procedure with other fat reduction methods gets better results when it came to toned upper arms than those who only rely on Brachioplasty. Before going under the knife, it is important to understand the procedure’s limitation since this is a major operation that comes with lengthened recovery.

What Arm Lift Surgery Will Not Do

This procedure is meant to remove the excess sagging ski but it will not:

  • Stop the aging process from making your muscles loose and fat building up again under the skin in the future
  • Prevent excess loose skin and fat that results from weight gain later in life

Brachioplasty is not recommended for people who have undergone a mastectomy or any surgery that affected the axilla lymph nodes. Also, it is not appropriate for any patient with a history of sweat gland infections. This is because it affects the lymphatic and drainage system.

Types of Arm Lift

There are two main types of Brachioplasty that depend on how much fat and skin that needs to be removed. They include:

Mini Arm Lift: this is also referred to as minimal or partial incision arm lift. As the name suggests, the doctor makes a small incision in the patient’s armpit and removes the excess fat from the arm slowly via liposuction. This trims the arm to the patient’s desired shape. The doctor might also remove the excess skin before wrapping the remaining one to heal. This type of Brachioplasty is ideal for people who have lost some slight weight or those who have lost a lot of muscle due to the aging process.

Upper Arm Lift: this procedure involves a cut running from the elbow to the body. It involves the underarm, and the surgeon sucks out the excess fat from the cut. He then proceeds to trim excess skin before securing it for the healing process. The surgery is suitable for people who have lost a big amount of weight.

What is Done before the Procedure

  • The doctor has to examine the patient
  • Depending on the desired amount of contouring, the best treatment method will be discussed
  • In case the patient suffers from certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, it must be controlled medically or through a proper diet
  • If the patient is a smoker, he or she needs to quit smoking six weeks before the surgery. This is to prevent delayed recovery.
  • The patient’s medical history will be studied in order to determine the proper surgical treatment
  • The surgeon will offer general anaesthesia prior to the surgery together with some numbing agents to keep pain at a minimum during the healing process

The Procedure

This operation takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on its type and extent. The first step is getting sedated. Then, the type of sedation chosen depends on the patient’s health requirements, preference, and the doctor’s recommendations. Mostly, the doctor applies general anesthesia, making you fall asleep completely during the whole process. There are some surgeons who use IV sedation.

Once you are under the anesthesia, the surgeon marks the incision points, trying as hard as possible to make the scars discreet. The excess tissue will then be trimmed, and liposuction will be done to do away with excess fat cells.

Benefits of Brachioplasty

You can improve the quality of your life besides the appearance in these ways:

  • Improved appearance- although this procedure just addresses a small part of your body, it will come with better full appearance since slender arms transform the whole figure, making you appear more youthful.
  • More clothing choices- having saggy arms can limit the clothing options a person can have. However, once you get an arm lift, you will wear sleeveless clothes without feeling self-conscious about your looks.
  • Enhance your weight loss journey- any patient who has lost a substantial amount of weight will normally be left with sagging skin. An arm lift can tone those muscles to leave you looking better.

Why Choose Dr. Rucker

One of the most requested procedures at the Rucker MD Plastic Surgery Clinic after excessive weight loss is the arm lift or Brachioplasty. To address saggy arms, seek the help of Dr. Rucker, a plastic surgeon specializing in arm lift procedures. He works in west central Wisconsin as a certified surgeon who performs cosmetic and reconstructive operations. Patients have nothing but praises for this great doctor who has transformed their lives.

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