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Luxe Health is the vitamin you need to aid you in your weight loss goal and the supplement you need to improve your skin from the inside out. I’m sure you’re thinking I’ve seen and heard this all before “Take this vitamin to help you lose weight. Take this supplement to improve your skin.” These are the things we see on online ads and read in magazines, pushing this week’s selected magic pill that can make all our troubles go away alongside a photo of two people who look nothing alike claiming to be the difference. 10 minutes later you googled it and read over a dozen horror stories of why you shouldn’t touch this product. But I’m here to tell you why this time it’s different.

Let me start by telling you about Jenny Dixon, creator of Luxe Health, and how becoming ill after having a baby lead her down the road to creating Luxe Health. After loosing a lot of blood in labour, the weeks that followed found Jenny feeling extremely run down and tired, but not just at that new-mum expected level, with days where she couldn’t even get out of bed. She started getting hallucinations, slurred speech and began to lose her eyesight, which I can only imagine was absolutely terrifying. It turns out that all of this was caused by a severe lack of iron in her body, and she was diagnosed with chronic acid reflux and post natal depression, one alone would be bad enough but she had really won the illness package at this point.

After the array of medications she was placed on began to bring about a number of side effects, Jenny began to research natural alternatives about all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need and how much we needed of them. She found it was more common these days for people to have a vitamin deficiency because of the large processed diets most of us have. Vitamins play a part in so many aspects of our lives, from muscle and joint health, to eyesight, even to the health of our minds, practically every process in the human body. We are not actually able to acquire all the vitamins we need from our daily food intake and low levels can have a range of effects including weight gain, tiredness and poor skin.

The aim of Jenny’s brand is to help women love their bodies again by using natural ingredients and saving them from having to undergo invasive treatments or having to use anything harmful. Most slimming pills contain caffeine but Jenny wanted something more natural that wouldn’t overstimulate the body and has less chance of having any side effects. Now of course you have to know that these may not work for everybody and Jenny is very honest and open about the results from her pills. It could take up to 3 months before a vitamin supplement reaches a level where you start to feel the benefits, particularly if you are very low in a vitamin or mineral, and it is also dependant on how your body absorbs vitamins and minerals, how you take them and even how long you take them.

This was by no means a quick or rushed process, Jenny took her time with creating her products and it wasn’t until her son was 8 months old when she began to contact manufacturers to put the wheels into motion. It took around 7 months to create the two supplements she sells, which is relatively long, and she is already working on more. She hopes to bring out a natural mood enhancer and non-surgical alternative supplements. Jenny is happy to speak to anyone considering taking her supplements or vitamins and keeps up to date with customers to see how they are getting on. As a new business she wants to make sure they are working and any feedback for any business is always greatly received.

So far only two people have not had the desired results from Jenny’s products, although one did admit to not taking them regularly and from that didn’t actually expect the desired outcome. The second person was me, but I can tell you exactly why they didn’t work for me and why I am ready to try out the products again. At the time of taking the Skin Luxe supplements to improve skin I was also trialling a new skincare routine and unfortunately I had a terrible reaction to the products and so because of this I was unable to see the full effects of the pills. Realistically I should have not been trialing two skincare lines at the same time but I know it was definitely the skincare rather than the pills because I had already been on the pills for a few weeks and within 3 days of adding the skincare to my routine my face absolutely blew up and was a shocking shade of pink.

I think once you start taking a supplement or vitamins it gives you the sense to take care of your body and skin more, and yes this can also be a factor in the overall outcome but why not take the two hand in hand and do the best you can for yourself. The Skinny Vitamins are a natural slimming multivitamin, designed to help support and aid any weight loss programme, alongside a diet plan and are not a substitute for a healthy diet. They ensure your metabolism, digestive system, muscles and general health are in optimum condition to increase energy levels and aid weight loss.  They provide you with a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals which are known to increase energy, build muscle and burn fat more quickly. Skinny Vitamins retails at £11.99 for one to two months supply.

After my skin nightmare I could not be more focused on looking after my skin right now, and whilst I will not be straying from my saviour skincare products for a long while now I am very interested in looking after in from the inside too. Skin Luxe is a super skin supplement which targets the body’s full effects of ageing, and as I turn 30 this year I am starting to focus on ageing skin a lot more. The main ingredient is collagen, which our bodies need more of as we age and creams along can’t boost collagen production as collagen and skin cells are made inside the body. The collagen inside Skin Luxe is Marine Collagen, a natural source of collagen, which has been proven to possess medicinal properties that can help promote human health and wellbeing. Skin Luxe retails at £16.99 for one to two months supply, or you can purchase a bundle containing both for just £22.99.




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  • Reply Steph Barraclough

    Great post lovely. I’m really interested in these. I’m going to have a look online now. xx

    March 10, 2018 at 11:26 am
  • Reply Alice Megan

    I’ve never used medication to aid weightloss but everything else has failed so why not haha!

    March 10, 2018 at 8:13 pm
  • Reply Kirsty

    I’ve always been sceptical about pills claiming to help with weight loss but having read the reasons of why Jenny created the pill and being able to see the research from using natural ingredients makes me feel better. I’m glad she’s open that it can take a while for th pills to work as well.

    March 11, 2018 at 11:09 am
  • Reply Tanya Brannan

    Sounds like Jenny has really worked hard on creating a product that could really help a lot of women!!

    March 13, 2018 at 12:55 pm
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