Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

If you struggle with confidence then you will know how hard certain things can be. You may find it hard to go out with your friends and you may also find it really hard to feel good about yourself as well. If you want to avoid all of this then one thing that you can do is focus on yourself, while also taking the time to work on your image.

Know Yourself

If you think about it, the best way to beat something is to first understand it. You need to know your enemy really well, and usually that enemy is yourself. You need to start listening to your own thoughts and you also need to write a journal that documents all of your progress as well. Instead of writing down all of the negative thoughts that you have, start to list all of the positive ones. Write down what you love about yourself, what you are good at and the other things that help to make you, “you”. You also need to think about the limitations that you have as well. Are they real limitations? Or ones that you have imposed upon yourself? There is a high chance that it is the latter, so dig deep, and understand yourself and why you feel this way. When you are able to do this, you can then start achieving bigger and better things.

Act More Positive

You don’t just need to think positive, you need to act positive as well. Actions really are the key to developing confidence. It’s one thing to think about changing, and it’s another thing to do it. You need to know who you are so you can go on to change things for the better. Try and talk to people in a positive way, talk about yourself in a positive way and take into account the fact that every action has a consequence. This is one of the biggest changes that you need to make if you ever have any hope of turning things around.


It helps to get prepared because it can be really hard to feel confident in yourself if you don’t feel as though you are doing well at it. Try and beat that feeling by having confidence in yourself, and by knowing that you can do it. For example, if you know that you are due to take an exam, you may try and do everything you can to study for it and this is a great way to make sure you are going to succeed. If you don’t prepare then you will probably fail, so this is just one of the many things that you have to think about.

Speak Slowly

If you are able to speak slowly when you are speaking to someone then this can show confidence. If you talk fast then this is probably because you don’t think that you have anything worth saying, or that you feel as though you are not worth listening to. You should try and practice in front of the mirror because this way you can see yourself and you can also see how you come across as well. you can even do this a couple of times in different outfits as well, as this can really show you what a difference you see in yourself.

Stand Tall

This can be very hard to do if you don’t feel confident, but it can really work wonders for you. When you stand straight, you will probably feel way better about yourself and you will also appear more confident as well. It’s crazy what a difference this can make and when you are able to integrate it into your life without being conscious of it, you’ll really start to feel the full benefit.

Change Yourself

If you are not happy because you have wrinkles or if you are self-conscious about something then you may want to try and change yourself. This is very easy for you to do and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to really go that extra mile. After all, it doesn’t take long and it could change your life. A lot of people search for things like “what is Botox before they go ahead with any kind of procedure, as this will help you to prepare for what you have coming up.

Increase your Competence

A lot of people who feel unconfident struggle with their own level of competence. If you want to start feeling way more competent then try and practice. For example, if you like to write but you just don’t feel as though you are good enough then consider taking a class, look online to see how you could be better and even try freelance writing as well. You can even try and start a blog if you wanted because this is a great way for you to really push yourself more.

Get some Good Habits

Good habits are a great way for you to boost your confidence. You don’t need to change a big habit in order to make a difference, and small habits are usually better to start off with anyway. You can easily start by forcing yourself to drink a glass of water in the morning, or you can go out for a walk instead. This will help you to start creating good habits, and from there, you can go on to really excel with everything you do. Changing yourself for the better is a great way for you to feel better about yourself and it is also a great way for you to start making the right changes to your lifestyle as well.

Of course, if you want to get more confidence then there are plenty of ways that you can do this, and by starting today, you can really start to see a difference in a matter of weeks. Sure, changing yourself can be hard, but by making the effort and by enforcing a positive movement, you can be sure to really come out better for it.

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  • Reply Katrina

    This is a great post that has come at the right time for me, currently having issues in my day to day job and need to take all these tips on board to battle through

    June 11, 2018 at 7:28 am
  • Reply Rhian Westbury

    Some great tips, I have very bad self confidence but I think that’s because I’m not toally happy in myself which doesn’t help x

    June 11, 2018 at 10:15 am
  • Reply Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    I love every single way you’ve mentioned here. Anyone lacking confidence or feeling insecure should give this a read.

    June 11, 2018 at 5:58 pm
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