Why are you really posting a no make up selfie?

I’m sure a number of people will find this post controversial and be offended by it but I was quite offended by the idea of posting a photo of yourself with no make up for cancer, but hear me out and find out why before you go off on one! As you’ll have noticed from yesterday’s post I am taking part in Cancer Research’s Race For Life so don’t go thinking that I’m against raising awareness or money in the hopes of finding a cure for cancer because that is not the case in the slightest.

I’d like to start this rant with a question…

How is posting a photo of yourself without make up relevant to cancer?

My timeline is filled with people moaning about the fact they’ve been tagged to post their selfie along with a miserable looking photo without make up on… Or on the flip side people are ever so proud of themselves that they’ve actually posted a picture with no make up. I’m sorry but this does not make you worthy of an award and I really don’t see how this is relevant to cancer. When my friends were going through their fight they didn’t spend their days concerned with make up, boasting about the fact they let someone see a photo of themselves without make up on, and they were definitely far more concerned with other things to be upset about the fact they weren’t up to wearing make up.
I actually saw someone say what’s the point in donating and not posting a selfie to someone who decided to post a status saying they had donated already that day, I was actually disgusted reading that! Who are they to decide whether someone posts a picture or not, and they done the important part which is donate to the charity.
Would it not make more sense to post a no make up selfie with the Cancer Research ribbon drawn on your face?
It has really just completely gone over my head the point and relevance of the no make up selfie, if you did that and then drew a ribbon on your face to show its for cancer it would make more sense to me. Whilst you’re all “raising awareness” did you even know that different colour ribbons signify different things in relation to cancer. Just a few from an endless list;
Clear Ribbon – Lung Cancer
Pink Ribbon – Breast Cancer
Violet Ribbon – Testicular Cancer
Teal, Blue & Pink – Thyroid Cancer
Blue & Silver Ribbon – Living or Coping With Cancer

If we all painted a ribbon on our face in a colour that has affected you, a loved one or just go with a lavender ribbon which is the colour for “all cancers (general cancer awareness)”. People will be talking about what the colours represent and be more focused on that then the fact that you posted your no make up photo which is not the point of all this. Search cancer ribbon colours on google if you would like to see them all 🙂

Why has it taken a Facebook trend to have you think about raising awareness for cancer, and have you actually donated anything?

This is not just in regards to cancer research, but any charity for that matter. When all the selfies disappear from your timeline will you even give charity a second thought, will it cross your mind once? Would you notice getting £1 less a month from your wages, it doesn’t even have to be a large amount, and most businesses these days have a match your donation campaign where they will donate the same amount. Or just make a small donation here and there if you don’t get a regular wage. When you posted your photo, did you donate anything?
I’m sorry if this post offends anyone but I just think that this is not the best way to raise awareness for such an important issue. From what I’ve seen it is becoming more of a vanity issue, with people either really proud of themselves for posting their no make up photo when no make up is not an achievement or tagging friends that they know won’t want to take their make up off and making them look bad.

How does this help support cancer patients or help scientists continue to work on finding a cure?

I’m sure most of your timeline have donated but a good chunk of mine did not feel the need and were more focused on the “achievement” they had accomplished. Curing cancer, losing someone to cancer, getting cleared of cancer, these are the important things here, not that you put up a “naked selfie”

***If you posted your photo AND donated then that’s great! I am in full support of anyone who has given money to Cancer Research, or any other charity for that matter!
I think it’s great that there was a massive surge in donations yesterday from this campaign BUT don’t let it be forgotten about once the selfies die down! Why not make your donation monthly?***
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