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Last weekend four of us took a road trip up to Manchester to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday, there was singing to an array of songs, annoying each other, service stops, naps, a fight to get everything in the boot, junk food, several booze runs (FYI, for when we arrived), football chants… As you do. The usual road trip fun, and it made me want to abuse my friends who can drive and do it again to new and already visited places.

I have been to Newcastle a number of times before as my friend lives there and I even went up to be her bridesmaid when she got married last year but I’ve never gone with a group of people. I have only been to The Fat Buddha so I’d love to get a group of us up there to experience the night life and in the words of the Geordie Shore crew “Let’s get mortal”.
This trip to Manchester was my third in two years but as one of my best friend’s is at uni there I’m always happy to visit again, especially when the drinks in certain clubs on a Friday night are only £1. I also have a couple of friends that live in the surrounding areas so I really need an extended trip there to get round them all.


Who doesn’t want to go to Pleasure Beach? I’m like a big kid when it comes to theme parks, I want to go on all the rides and eat junk food. Although, and I’m unfortunately talking from experience here, I would never recommend a ride hungover, I was clearly not in my right mind when I thought it would be a great idea to go to the pop up amusement park in the park by my best friend’s house after a 3 day bender weekend.

I actually love the idea of learning to surf and “riding the waves” and for a reason I can’t explain Newquay has always been a place I’d be interested in doing it. Of course I’d rather do it in a hot country followed by a lovely relax on the beach and a night of carnage partying but we can all dream can’t we.
I’d love to go to Bournemouth at Christmas as I’ve heard about all the fun things they do. Ice Skating in the Garden of Light, tour the town on board the Santa Express, and a traditional alpine market, Moose Bar and Christmas Stage in the Town Square. I’m especially intrigued into what the Moose Bar is, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Are there actually moose?
What’s on your UK Travel Wishlist?
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